Sunday, March 4, 2012

QT with the Kiddies

One of the most difficult parts of parenthood to me is finding that quality time with the kids.

Not the kids as a group.

We do that often.

We eat breakfast together. We eat dinner together. We hike together. We go to the beach together.

We have a LOT of together time.

Sometimes too much. :)

But it is finding that time with each child individually that is a challenge.

For one thing, our house is not that big.

It is rare to only have one child in the room.

And while it sounds nice to set apart a set amount of time each day for each child, it is not that easy. We have homework, after school activities, laundry, chores, cooking dinner.

And I have at least one very demanding child.

So do I have large amounts of individual time with each child?


Not typically.

At least not daily.

We have tried before to set up a schedule for at least monthly (a set time).

But that didn't always work either.

I have learned that we just have to seize moments when we get them.

Sometimes it will be something big like a Veggietales Live program in another town that you are just sure your son will love.

Other times it is taking a child to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping together.

Or praying with a child before he/she goes to sleep.

Or taking one out for a round of golf. (That would be Daddy, not me :)

Or playing a board game with one.

Or cooking a meal with a different child each week.

Or reading a book with another before bed.

And even that homework time...that is a lot of "one on one" time.

I can't ever measure that time. It probably isn't even enough.

But I have learned to seize those moments, to make the most of them. To truly be with the child, to hear what he/she is saying. To give them that moment to feel special.

It isn't perfect.

But hopefully one day they will remember these times and treasure them.

I sure do.



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