Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday, Otra Vez

I am trying SO hard to not roll over and fall asleep.

My eyes are fluttering.

But I know I have to post or my dear friend Randy will ask, "Where is Thankful Thursday?" :) Just teasing, Randy.

I need to be thankful.


So what am I thankful for this week?

  • an intern who can take over if I unexpectedly stay home with a sick child
  • my mom who is willing to watch the little sick child so I can get back to school
  • a very patient teacher for little sick child when he returns to school VERY grouchy
  • beautiful weather this week...70's and 80's. For real??? You know this is heavenly to me!
  • a hike in the woods with my family and pup this past weekend
  • a picnic by the lake (during the hike in the woods)
  • involved kids though I may be more thankful we have their spring choir concerts out of the way all in one week
  • an almost healed thumb (minus part of my fingernail)
  • Spring Break in ONE day! Woohoo!
  • BIG plans (I didn't say exciting, just big) for spring break...will share soon
  • Daylight Savings. No, I don't like losing an hour of precious sleep BUT I do like it when it is light outside later in the evening
  • exercise. If you know me at all, you might be surprised by that. But when I exercise, I am "allowed" to eat more. :)
  • Schwan's dark chocolate with vanilla ice cream miniatures...yum!
  • a hiking dog. How many hiking dachshunds do you know?
  • Draw Something. It is just fun:)
  • online tax services. There is NO way I could do them myself without that service. The tax booklets make my head hurt.
  • Chick Fil A night. Benefits our school AND made for an easy dinner for me
  • finding J-man's birthday present (after thinking I wouldn't be able to locate one...)
  • my children. They can drive me crazy. They stress me out. They raise my blood pressure. But I love them.
  • And hubby too...

Better go.

Have a sick kid.

Not so thankful for that but it takes these times to remind me to be thankful for when they aren't sick...


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