Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I Did for My Spring Break...

Just in case anyone thought I was sitting and eating bonbons (I don't know that I have eaten one of those) while hubby and the kids were gone for a few days, well...wouldn't that have been a dream? Instead, I was working my tail off. I got up each day, ate breakfast, then went into work mode. I would stop for lunch and dinner, then continue to work into the wee hours of the morning. I don't have that "alone" time very often; I had to take full advantage of it! Even my Words with Friends games and Draw Something games suffered. And blogs I thought I would catch up on...well, not so much. I had thought I might get a pedicure as a treat and had really planned on going to the school for a while to get some things done there. But in the end, there was TOOOO much to do right here. So other than a meal out with my parents, I was basically a slave to the house.

I did get a lot done though. Not nearly what I wanted or had envisioned (didn't get to touch the girls' room, toyroom, hall closets, or even much in our bedroom), but a lot DID get done nonetheless.

Just to remind myself what I DID do (rather than what I didn't get to...), here is a list of some of the things I did...

What I Did While You Were Gone

1. Laundry, laundry, laundry

2. Cleaned out Child4’s closet then found homes for the items that no longer are in there

3. Washed kitchen drawer/cabinet liners

4. Cleaned out kitchen cabinets/drawers

5. Gathered 5th grade pictures (on computer) for child 2’s “graduation”

6. Changed out child 4’s clothes (winter for spring/summer)

7. Worked on Child 4’s birthday list for my parents

8. Vacuumed Child 4’s room

9. Cleaned out Child 4’s toy box

10. Organized Child 4’s books and toys

11. Dusted Child 4’s room

12. Washed our bedroom valances

13. Vacuumed parts of living room

14. Cleaned oven

15. Trip to Goodwill

16. Emptied trash (a few times)

17. Emptied Dishwasher/refilled a few times

18. Scrubbed down the cabinets

19. Washed some baseboards

20. Rearranged and organized kitchen drawers

21. Matched cups/lids for our gazillions of water bottles

22. Washed door frames

23. Washed off very dusty ivy

24. Vacuumed off the top of (most of) the kitchen cabinets

25. Organized rolodex

26. Cleaned off junky corner

27. Cleaned off corner shelf in kitchen

28. Assembled new shoe rack

29. Straightened, organized shoes

30. Cleaned backyard

31. Cleaned up dog poop in backyard

32. Emptied out toy basket in living room

33. Cleared off bottom of table in living room

34. Vacuumed hot water closet

35. Vacuumed part of the garage (including behind shelving units)

36. Menu planned for the week

37. Grocery shopping for the week

38. Paid Child 4’s tuition

39. Deposited small checks

40. Put shelves together for garage

41. Organized other shelving units in garage

42. Moved items to new shelf

43. Washed part of the China

44. Emptied out basket of stuff in our bedroom

45. Cleaned out Lazy Susan

46. Cleaned out storage container shelf

47. Cleaned oven racks

48. Emptied out coin dish

49. Sorted through tulip bulbs

50. Cleaned out and vacuumed out trunk

51. Gathered items for school and for church (in the trunk)

52. Moved items to laundry room shelves

53. Cleaned off baking shelf in pantry

54. Vacuumed AC/heat vents

55. Vacuumed cobwebs along wall/ceiling in the hallway, entryway, and living room

56. Washed down a very dirty garage door (the door from the house to the garage)

57. Washed down door from laundry room to the house

58. Washed pantry doors

59. Trips to stores for organizational materials

60. Major cleaning up of the laundry room…first thing hubby noticed…

Since then (I cannot get this to go back to its regular font :), I have also been working on Child 3's clothes, have organized the pantry completely, and cleaned out the freezer and part of the fridge. Oh, and finished taxes. So just because the crew is back doesn't mean that my work is done. I am just doing it between games of checkers, making donuts, cooking dinner, reading books, etc...

Now, back to work!


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  1. You are a ridiculously amazing mother, friend, teacher and on and on and on...and I'm not the least bit intimidated by it, since I give it all to God! :-) Glad your thumb is better! It makes me woozy even typing about it...


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