Friday, October 19, 2012

Sick and Tired...

I am going to by-pass my usual Thankful Thursday. Not that I am not thankful. I am. I just want to share a little about the week. Let's see, on Tuesday, our youngest child got up after coughing all night.  He didn't eat much breakfast (which is unusual), telling me he wasn't hungry with that "fever".  I said, "You don't have a fever."  Then I grabbed the thermometer to prove my point.  Except I didn't.  He proved his point.  He DID have a fever.

So, little guy 4 hung out at my mom's house for the day.  Thanks, Mom!

Wednesday, he pops up out of bed. Still not much of an appetite but he was perky enough.  And no fever. So we headed to school.

Around lunch I received a text from child 3's teacher.

"She has a headache."

Um, that is unusual.

A few minutes later, that sweet teacher stopped me to let me know she (my daughter) also had a fever.


Thankfully it was lunchtime. And thankfully my mom was around to help yet again.  (Thanks, Mom!) 

I dropped child 3 off then headed back to school.

After school, I went to pick her up.  She was just waking up.  We started to walk to the car when she got sick.  Really sick.

She spent most of the evening, stretched out on the floor, sound asleep.

 Sigh again.

I don't like missing school, but I had no choice. I needed to be a mommy.

So we hung out at home today, child 3 and me.

And it was a good day. 

She woke up feeling rough but improved as the day passed. She even had an appetite. 

I was torn as to what to do with myself.

Child 3 is pretty independent. She likes to play on her own. She can read books.  She likes to talk but doesn't require full attention.

So, do I clean and organize or take it easy?

I went with both.

I cleaned out the pantry.

Worked a little on the fridge.

Started prepping dinner.

Worked on laundry.

Cleaned out a file cabinet. 

Packed and labeled some clothes boxes.

Vacuumed up some cobwebs. (I guess I could have kept them around for Halloween)

Answered some e-mails.

Stuff like that.

I really wanted to take a nap but I didn't. :)

I did take little breaks throughout the day, just enjoying the quiet (fairly quiet).

Finally it was time to pick up the other kids.

We got home, worked on homework, then I cheerfully went to work on dinner.

I was so excited about dinner (plus feeling good about the day's accomplishments).

I had defrosted and salted some ribeyes (from our half a cow :).

I decided to cook them in the skillet (on the stove, then finish in the oven). I also made baked Parmesan potatoes, Rhodes bread, and black-eye peas.

The house was smelling good.

My mouth was watering.

Finally, hubby was home. We sat down to eat.

And I enjoyed every bite.

The meat was very tender.

The potatoes were delicious.

And Rhodes bread...need I say more?

Then it happened.

One of my children made a really rude comment about dinner.

And I felt like a balloon.


Honestly, I still do.

I had worked hard all day and felt slapped in the face. :(

Tonight as I was running errands, I started thinking about it.

And I wondered if God feels like that with me.  With us (people in general).

He takes care of us. He gives freely to us.  He provides for us.

And we don't appreciate it.  We complain about what we have or even more what we don't have.

Does it feel like a slap in the face to Him too?


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  1. Taking a day off from time to time is a good thing.
    It stinks when a child can deflate us (Moms) by a rude comment. UGH! I too think about God's feelings.
    Praying for you Reba!


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