Friday, October 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Not sure today was just the greatest fact, at one point today I felt like hitting my head against the wall (since it felt like I was doing that already :).

But I will still choose to be thankful anyway.

Especially thankful it was better than last Thursday when I didn't feel thankful at all. :)

What am I thankful for today?

  • the cooler temperatures. I LOVE summer but I also love fall. 
  • pumpkin muffins.  Nothing deep to that...they are just tasty. :)
  • my kids' teachers (who are patient and kind and loving and hardworking)
  • reaching my weight loss goal...finally!  (Ten months later)  I am still not sure whether to just go into "maintenance" mode or try to lose a few more
  • my heated seats
  • my laptop
  • the "family" game of Sorry tonight.  What I am even more thankful for is that one of our children has just become a fun kid full of humor...I am SO thankful for the way God is moving in her life!
  • a fun field trip to the pumpkin patch (with my class and even better, our youngest on his first field trip :)
  • a sweet note one of my children wrote to a sibling
  • a spontaneous sushi night with my main man
  • friends who encourage, listen, and pray
  • watching my kids play games (volleyball, t-ball, etc)
  • that volleyball is an indoor sport (especially on the cool nights :)
  • an evening we were ALL home practices!
  • my parents.  I love that my mom texts my kids and keeps up with their lives.  I think sometimes she knows more about them than I do. :)
  • my sister.  She is always there for me even though she is miles away.
  • the gift of prayer and a God who listens to me, no matter how big or small the request
I know I could come up with others but I better head to bed.  I am sure tomorrow will be just as busy as the rest of the week has been.

Now, what are you thankful for this week? If you do read this, leave me a comment and tell me something.  Those comments always make my heart smile!


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