Sunday, October 7, 2012

Freezing Friday Fun

Sorry there was no Thankful Thursday this week.  I was NOT feeling thankful on Thursday. In fact, Thursday was pretty much a nightmare to me.  The kids were in a sour mood, I was in a sour mood. Bad combination.  (Ironically the day was pleasant, then the evening was...dramatic :)

On Friday, it was cold and wet outside.  But overall it was a good day for all.

Friday night= football.

I have missed two of our high school's football games.  One involved a sick child (and another child who was facing a very messy room).  And another involved bad weather and a desire to just be at home.

I was determined to NOT miss another one.

Okay, part of it was due to the fact I had NOTHING planned for dinner. Nothing.  Why? Because I planned on being at the football game. :)

Plus, I just like going. I feel such a sense of community when I go. I love seeing former students and their parents.  And I like being outside.

Three of the kids were on board.

Hubby not so much.

The ironic thing is I am usually the one who is complaining about going out in the weather.

This time it was him. :)

But with my charm (or maybe because of the night we had before), hubby saw things my way.

And we loaded up the car and headed down the road.  Blankets in tow.

We got there a tad bit early and decided to hang out in the car for a bit.  Because at that point, the sun had set. And it was chilly.  Chilly chilly.

Finally, we headed out, jackets zipped, blankets in our arms.

We stopped by the concession stand.  Gathered up our foods.  (Cheapest meal ever :)  Then headed to our seats.


Forgot the towel.

It had rained all day.

Hubby sacrificed his blanket to dry it off for us.

We settled in.

Ate our food.

Wrapped up in our blankets.

Cheered our team on.

It was cold.

But fun.

Because for older kids, a football game is a social gathering, we just had our two Guatemalans with us in the bleachers.

And they were funny.

Child 4 hammed it up for the audience around us.  He loves to watch the score and cheer on the team.

Child 3loves to ask questions.  They make me giggle.  "What time does the game end, Mom?"

I am pretty sure hubby was ready to head home after five minutes.

And me? The one who is always cold? Well, I was chilled. But I was happy. 

We made it to halftime.  (Had to watch the band)

Then we headed back to the car, our team winning in the background.

We hopped in the car.  And didn't go anywhere.

Dead battery.

Thankfully, a sweet lady sitting right across from us had jumper cables.  It took a few attempts.  I was starting to think it might be that pricey starter.  But then it jumped.

And today it worked every time I hopped in it.


We rode home, heated seats on high, listening to the game.

Really, I cannot think of another way I would like to spend my Friday night.

More soon,

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