Monday, January 7, 2013

Check. Check.

Well, let's see how I am doing with my "goals" thus far...

Bible reading.  Check.  I even blogged about it. 

Prayer.  Check though it has still been in spurts.

New recipe.  Check.  Did that last night.  Good stuff.

Exercise.  Check.  Well, last night. Tonight is going to be my one "pass" night which I will probably regrets tomorrow because I will be more tired tomorrow. But for today, I don't want to move.

Eating healthy.  Hmmm.  To check or not to check. Fairly healthy but I have been in chocolate mode today (which is unlike me).

Organization project.  Check.  Got one Christmas box packed up.  Just a couple more to go.

Blog post.  Check.

Mommy goals.  I think I would get an X on those. It wasn't a fun evening over here.  Oh well, I will try again tomorrow. 

Early to bed...I guess I need to head that way.  School starts back tomorrow.  Ready or not!


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