Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, Of Course...

Of course it is 4 a.m.

And of course I am only sleeping halfway soundly because hubby is gone.

And of course that is when the battery in the smoke alarm right outside my bedroom door decided to die, chirping every few minutes.

Which of course caused the dog who had been sleeping soundly on my bed to start barking madly in the wee hours.

So of course I stumble out of bed to try to remedy the situation only to realize that alarm is at one of the higher points of the house.

So of course I have to turn off the security alarm to stumble through our very cold garage to find the tallest ladder, breaking a fingernail in the process.

And of course I got the battery changed, only to have it chirp at me a few more times.

Then of course I realized I might as well go to the bathroom since I am up only to find that I am out of toilet paper (I did have some under the sink...).

And now of course it is 4:41 and I am wide awake while the rest of the house snoozes...

Because of course my children will be bouncing around the house at the break of dawn.

Of course.


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