Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mississippi Memories

Long week.

 I really am sticking to most of my New Year's goals.  I really am. I am getting little projects done around the house. I am trying new recipes. We are eating cleaner.  I am exercising.   I am reading my Bible more (though still not where I need to be). I have been more purposeful with my kids. 

I am mainly still working on the blogging.

I am blogging but still not as regularly as I want.  Or maybe I am, just not on one blog.  I am spreading it out.  I am also working on that "going to sleep earlier" thing which interferes with the blogging thing...

Oh well.

I am a work in progress.

So today I want to remember a few things from our trip to Mississippi last weekend.

First of all, it was one of the best trips I have ever had with the kids as far as a peaceful ride.  Other than a little horsing around, the kids were champs about the travel.  And yes, I let them watch a couple of movies but I didn't let them do it nonstop. I had required "screen breaks".  On the way home, I had one child who kind of lost it (about half an hour from home of course) but otherwise, they did GREAT!

We saw lots of interesting things along the way including a "redneck wedding".  I don't know if that is where the wedding was taking place, but we saw a wedding party hanging out on pickup trucks by a field in the Delta.  That was something new for me to see. :)

We also saw an incredible sunset.  Child 2 had to keep reminding me to watch the road, not the sunset.  So she finally agreed to take some pictures for me.  Not too bad for a moving vehicle (with dirty windows).

 I also did something I have always wanted to do. I LOVE the trees growing in the water. I am always spellbound when I see them. This time, I actually stopped the car and snapped some pics.  This was one of my favorites...
 More sunset.  You cannot tell by the pictures but it was almost a red sunset.  What was neat was that later I learned that the night Uncle Paul passed away, there was an amazing red sunset.  I didn't know that. So it was kind of like he was with us as we traveled.
 We also saw a BUNCH of deer along the road, especially the interstate.  Thankfully they stayed by the road and didn't get on it. I have had a run in with a deer (like it literally ran into my vehicle) so I was very cautious.  I was also very thankful that the two lane curvy road we took between interstates (in the dark) did NOT have any deer. Mark had driven that same road a couple days earlier and said he dodged them the whole time. This was a HUGE answer to prayer because if we had been hit, it may have taken anyone a while to find isn't a busy road.

Another good memory is that this was the first time we attempted fast food with our food sensitive kid since changing up the diet.  We left after lunch so we wouldn't have to deal with two meals on the road, but I had done some research and learned what would work and what wouldn't.  Thankfully, both meals (one there, one on the way home) worked.

Though our reason for being in MS was sad, we still had some sweet time with family.

One sweet time was watching the girls hang out together. Child 2 and her cousin J are close in age so they often hang out when we are together. But usually Child 3 is not included (she is a few years younger, so this is understandable :).  This time they included her.  They all put on make up (a very special treat :) and then put together a dance routine for us.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Very sweet memories.

Another very special memory I will treasure is watching Child 4. I am not sure the MS family realized how much this guy has changed since they haven't really been around him that much.  But I did. I noticed it right away.  One of the biggest changes was how interactive he was with his grandparents. In the past, he has tended to shy away from them...he is slow to warm up in new situations.  But this time he didn't.  He had SO much fun with them and really showed some of his fun personality.  It warmed my heart BIG time.  (He also played with his cousin who is about a year younger...that was a first!)

And while Child 1 didn't have his close in age cousin there, he entertained us with his fun and silly self.  I love to see him growing and maturing.

 It really was just a good trip of memories, even in just about 36 hours.

And of course, being with my husband, getting to visit with other family members, the warm weather...all "bonuses".

I just wish it had been for different circumstances. 


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