Thursday, June 13, 2013

41 Reasons to Love


  1. He is handsome.  Still makes my heart swoon when I see him.  
  2. His humor.  We need that humor to get through this cray adventure of life.
  3. His dedication to being a father. Not just a father but an involved father.
  4. He does laundry.  I really try to stay on top of it. I feel like it is "my job" but times when I can't, he doesn't say a word. He just throws a load in.
  5. He keeps the sink clean.
  6. He is self-motivated.  I am proud of him for starting his own company and for getting up daily and working even when the rest of us are snoozing!
  7. His love for Christ.  He is sold out. Completely.
  8. His sense of adventure (evident in marrying me, adopting not once but twice, etc)
  9. He grills a mean burger.
  10. He is safe...nowhere I feel safer than in his arms.
  11. He is romantic.  Flowers.  Love notes.  Etc.
  12. He is honest.
  13. He is wise.
  14. He is completely head over heels for our little pup...he completely lights up when she walks in the room.
  15. He is laid back (about some things).
  16. He is a home and in the community.
  17. He is organized.  Well, at least for work.  We are still working on some spots at home. 
  18. He is a "do it yourself" man.  Ice maker isn't working?  We figured it out.  Vacuum was broken. He fixed it.  He is currently making me a compost pile...all on his own. Much like he did with the loft in my classroom.
  19. He is loyal to God, to family, to self.
  20. He takes Child 1 golfing.
  21. He takes Child 2 to the movies.
  22. He laughs and humors Child 3 on the roughest days.
  23. He takes Child 4 to baseball games (if anything, to give me a break).
  24. He is my favorite "co-cook" in the kitchen...he browns ground beef and fries up chicken while I work on the other stuff.
  25. He drives. And drives. And drives.  With mostly no complaint. :)
  26. He gives of himself daily...just for us.
  27. He apologizes...with heart.
  28. He sends me random love texts for no reason at just the right time.
  29. He expects nothing.  
  30. He gives great hugs.  
  31.  He runs errands like quick trips to the grocery store for us.
  32. He takes me on late night sushi dates.
  33. He plays in the backyard with the kids.
  34. He is fun.
  35. He is a good friend.
  36. He keeps secrets/confidences.
  37. He is trustworthy.
  38. He loves me in spite of myself.
  39. He is comfortable in social situations...doesn't think a thing of attending events with me even if he knows no one.
  40. He takes us to the beach every year without complaint. :)
  41. He is love.
I am a blessed woman.

Happy birthday to my main main...



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