Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday...Once Again

I have tons of of pics to post from the girls' party and our summer events.

But not yet.

It is Thursday.

Thankful Thursday.

And I have a lot to be thankful for...

  • spending the evening watching the kids chase fireflies in the dark
  • beautiful sunsets
  • God's promise (as evidenced by the rainbow I saw last week)
  • bunny rabbits (Child 2 and I watch two bunnies chase each other the other night...)
  • baby birds (above my doorway again...three this time!
  • electricity and air conditioning
  • a dryer that no longer squeaks (though it was quite an ordeal getting it fixed)
  • shaved ice dates with the hubby (I know, I am thankful for that a lot...what can I say? I love that time)
  • a new pair of pajamas (on the bucket list)
  • seeing the world through my children's eyes
  • raw honey...YUM.
  • a fun visit with Mark's family last weekend
  • my son safely home from church camp
  • a dog that loves to take walks
  • Hallmark movies that make me cry
  • a new book
  • comic strips that make me laugh out loud
  • magnolia flowers/trees (I have heard they are a pain to have in your yard but they are SOOO pretty)
  • a clean kitchen
  • Google maps
  • thank you notes from former students
  • hot baths after a long day at the zoo
  • compliments on the kids from a stranger at a restaurant
  • all natural lemonade packets (I made the switch...and actually like it!)
  • my parents' pool (getting put in)...can't wait to do a little swimming!
  • the giggles of my youngest as he listens to stories on CD
  • the helpfulness of child 3 who actually asks to help with the laundry and cooking
  • the spirit of child 2...she is full of passion and love
  • the faith of child 1
  • not setting alarm clocks
  • my digital camera
I am sure I could think of a few more but I need to head to bed...

What are you thankful for this week?


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