Tuesday, July 16, 2013

He Said What???

Oh this 4th child of mine.

He makes me tired.  He makes me think about every parenting decision I make.  He makes me question myself and my abilities to be a mom.  He makes me pray. A lot.

And he makes me laugh.

A lot.

If he isn't making me cry. :)

Lately he has been on a roll.

If you are on Facebook, these will NOT be new to you.

So here are a few stories that make me cry out, "He said what?"...

Sunday, as we were listening to the sermon, my hubby received a text from a friend of his who just happened to be supervising Child 4's class at the moment. 

It basically said that our son had said we were kissing at the beach and it was SOOOOO embarrassing.

(Note:  The funny thing is we really don't kiss all that often but the kids always tell us to "kiss" for our together pictures)

A few minutes later, we received another text that said child also shared that we had kissed in his bedroom at the beach house and he told us to cut it out.

When I picked him up, I said, "Honey, you do NOT have to share everything!"

His reply?

"You told me to tell them about our trip to the beach..."


Fast forward a few hours.

Child 4 was "tattling" about something Hubby did (yes, his dad).

He started off with, "Someone you just married did..."

I said, "Just married? We have been married for almost 17 years!"

His response?

"You got married when you were just a baby?"

Okay, I kind of like that one.

The one from tonight, not so much.

At dinner, I was eating when the same child started "jiggling" my arms.  (It is an over 40 thing...I really am not THAT heavy or out of shape)

He said, "I wish I could do that with my arms..."

After a while, I asked him to stop.

He started giggling and asked me, "Why? It is fun!"

Groan again...


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