Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List...revisited

I am back!

I finally finished up all of our vacation posts on the family blog.

Now I can get back to the nitty gritty of real life.

Since it is mid-summer, I figure I should revisit the summer bucket list and see how things are going...

  • to say "yes" more than I say "no" to my kids. You have NO idea how hard this is for me! Obviously this is a daily one but I can say that I have done this a LOT this summer.  So hopefully it will continue.
  • to nap anytime I want (every day if I want to) without feeling guilty about it  I do this one almost daily and I don't feel the least bit guilty. 
  • to go on a float trip (this one may be happening soon!) Did it, loved it, would love to do it again.  I am looking at a family trip but it is so dry everywhere right now...
  • to eat lobster and shrimp ravioli and Joe's incredible rolls without an ounce of guilt or regret I did this one day when the kids were with my mom, just me (I did take out).  And I enjoyed every bite. In fact, I loved it so much, I may just have to do it again...
  • to dance in the rain with my daughter That would require rain... :)
  • to spend just one day ALL day on my computer whether it is playing games, cleaning out my cache, or organizing my bookmarks I may be doing this one soon but not necessarily for fun. I have some professional development I need to do...
  • to read at least one (if not more) book just for fun...not for parenting or teaching! I did this one over vacation. In fact, I read two books just for fun.  That is pretty much the only time I can do it...when I am in a car and the children are in a controlled environment (a.k.a. their seat belts). :)
  • to wear eye shadow (a little odd but I just don't do that typically) I have actually been doing this regularly this summer. Kind of fun!
  • to get a new camera Probably not going to happen...other expenses prevail. :(
  • to go to the farmer's market at least once (if not more) I haven't yet but it is still on my list to do, hopefully soon.
  • to slow dance with my husband (love to but it is rare) You know, at the beach would have been a beautiful background for this.  But it didn't happen. I am still holding out hope that at some point we will dance...
  • to make homemade ice cream (no, don't have a maker...) A friend has offered me use of their ice cream maker so hopefully soon.
  • to do a random act of kindness I have been doing some acts of kindness (whenever I can) but I am not sure any of them have been "random" yet...
  • to find a shark tooth on the beach (but not IN the shark's mouth) I ended up finding 3 in all!
  • to watch a meteor shower with my husband...even better, outside of the city limits/lights! Not yet but there is a major meteor shower in August.
  • to see a waterfall that takes my breath away  Refer to that "no rain" thing I mentioned before...
  • to watch the sun rise at least once (I am usually snoozing) I did do this the beach no less!  It was beautiful.
  • to visit some local "swimming holes" with the kids I have done this some but right now they are all pretty dry.  Hopefully we will get rain soon and get to visit more.
  • to not set my alarm clock as much as possible I don't set it unless I have to...
  • to make smores with the kids  We did this on the grill on the 4th while at the beach. Oh. My. Goodness.  Delicious.  We will be doing that again.  I know it isn't the same as doing them over a campfire but it tastes just as good!
  • to visit with know, the ones we always say we need to get together with but don't! I am working on this one.  We did get to have dinner with one set of friends, and I have plans in the works with a couple of other friends to visit before summer's end...
  • to ride a bike trail Maybe when it isn't so hot? :)
  • to learn how to grill I did learn a little while at the beach.  I want to try more of it here at home with our grill. The hard part is that I am usually inside cooking "sides".
  • to visit a state park Technically, I have visited a state park. It just wasn't MY state.  We visited Fort Clinch (a state park) in Florida twice. 
  • to pay off something I have wanted paid off for a long time Not looking good for this one but why not set some high goals too? :)
  • to buy a pair of fun summer time pajamas I did buy some that I love.  Even if my oldest child said I reminded him of Minnie Mouse in them...
  • to eat a Chicago pizza Not yet...
  • to feel God's presence in a MIGHTY way, something that can only be experienced, not explained Not yet though I have felt His presence more recently...
  • to go to the zoo Did that one :) 
The unspoken one hasn't happened yet either...

So that is where I am.  

How about you? 

How is your summer bucket list going?


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