Friday, July 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Earlier today, I was gung ho on writing a thankful Thursday.

Now a few hours later, it is a little hit with some hard news on a friend of mine.

But I know that in spite of her difficulties, she is thankful for each day.  So I am going to be also.

Today I am thankful for...
  • the gift of prayer.
  • God.  I don't understand His ways, especially today, but I am thankful He is there.
  • shaved ice with good friends.
  • a "double date" with my parents...a rare treat.
  • a beautiful lightning show earlier this week.
  • rain!
  • late evening walks with my hubby.
  • Stoby's cheese dip (brought home by my hubby after a trip)
  • paid for vehicles (which we hope hold up a while longer)
  • air conditioning
  • sundresses (which make warm summers tolerable :)
  • new air conditioners at school
  • good friends
  • good days which are that much nicer after a hard day
  • a new door handle (the other one was stuck 80 percent of the time)
  • new school supplies
  • watching t.v. with my hubby
  • blog comments
  • an upcoming road trip with my husband
  • beautiful sunsets
  • a husband who listens to my honest heart, no matter what
  • friends who let me be honest and lay it all out on the line with NO judgment
  • opportunities to serve others
  • sleep (which seems to evade me this summer)
  • lazy mornings
  • visiting with family
  • comic strips...they make me smile!
  • cardinals. They have a special meaning to me and lately, I am seeing them everywhere!
  • Youtube videos that make me smile
  • Child 1 who helps a LOT around the house without complaint
  • Child 3's servant heart
  • Child 2's enthusiasm for life
  • Child 4's wit and humor
  • beach pictures from friends
  • my works overtime all the time
  • my parents' has been such a blessing to us!  We can go swimming for just an hour without any hassle.  We are treasuring it!
  • honest "parent" talks with friends
  • full moons (even if they make my kids a bit crazy)
  • a little black dog that curls up with me when Mark is out of town
I better stop for now and get some sleep.

Hope you have something to be thankful for this week...feel free to share!


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  1. I totally appreciate your honesty, and relate on most things. You can have "parenting talks" with me anytime you need. I think it would make me feel more normal, too. :)


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