Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hitting the Jackpot...

Apparently the Arkansas "lottery" has a lot of money in the jackpot.

Like several million.

I don't really know how much because I don't really follow it.

But I was invited to join in a pool, and I did. The money goes toward scholarships, and it was just a few bucks.

I know, I know, I may have to give up my Baptist card.  Just kidding. We don't carry cards. 

I will just say I am not really a gambler.

I know that it is a waste of money.

And I also know how addictive it is. Says the person who has been playing Vegas Solitaire on the computer the past few nights...I have lost hundreds of virtual money. :)

But this time, I joined in.

And I heard today that I have a better chance of getting hit by a meteorite than to win.

And that is okay.

I don't really know that I would want to win.

I mean, have you seen all of those shows about how winning the lottery ruins people's lives?

Though I don't expect in any way to win, it is only natural to start thinking, "What if?"  What would I do if I suddenly came into money?

I know that I can't really know unless it happens. Which isn't likely to happen. Even if I get hit by a meteorite.

But I can wonder.

This is what I have decided...

We would tithe first, of course.  That is a non-negotiable at our house.

We would obviously pay off the house addition (that hasn't even started). Oh, and the rest of the house.

We would probably buy hubby a new (used) vehicle.

We would give to charities.

We would set aside a retirement fund for ourselves and build on the college funds of our kids.

I would take a beach vacation with my whole family (our family, my parents, my sister/her family).

We would travel a little more (different places on spring break, the beach in the summer).

And I think we would get a pool.

Oh, and maybe remodel the kitchen if I could stand being displaced from it.  New appliances and new cabinets.

We would have our house painted.

And maybe get a little landscaping work.

And we might get a lake house and a boat for summer weekends.

Oh...and pedicures. I might get a pedicure more than twice a year.

What would not change?

I don't think either one of us would stop working.  I know it is easy to say that right now without much money in our accounts. But we both truly love what we do.

The number of presents the kids receive from us for birthdays and Christmas.  Nor would the value drastically change.  They have lots of "stuff".  We only want them to have the "stuff" that will mean something to them.

Our kids still would not have tv's in their rooms.  And they still would have to do their chores.  They wouldn't wear designer clothes (they are kids...they outgrow clothes faster than we can buy them).

Though it would be nice to do some of those things (more vacations, pay off some bills), the truth is the money doesn't change life.  At least not all parts of it.

There will still be joys as well as sorrows.  Sicknesses and health.  Trials and tribulations.

And not enough money in the world can take those things away...


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