Wednesday, December 11, 2013

He's Back...

I am still around. I have blogged a little but they have involved pictures so those posts have been on the family blog.


I really need to stay off Facebook. I do.  I enjoy so many things about it but I also end up feeling "beat down" after reading some of the posts.  Especially posts that call into question family traditions.

So I am going to lay it all out there.

Santa does come to our house.  He does.  And he brings gifts. 

I know the reason for the season. So do my kids. 

I don't feel like I am any less of a Christian because of jolly St. Nick.

I grew up with Santa and so far haven't been tainted for life.  I know I am only 42, but surely there would be some sign by now?

And yes, I sometimes say "Happy Holidays".

Again, I am not trying to take the "Christ" out of Christmas.

It just seems to cover all the holidays from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day.

And yes, we have one of those "creepy" elves at our house.  For us, it is a fun tradition started two Christmas seasons ago.  Every morning my kids get up and go on a Buddy hunt.  Where is he today?  What is he up to?

There, confession over.

Now I am going to move on. To a post about the creepy elf who hangs out at our house for most of December.

On December 1, the kids woke up and found our dear old elf friend hanging out in the bathroom...They were quite excited he was back.  I wasn't as excited that he used lipstick to write on the mirror but I guess that was better than permanent marker...
 On December 2, Buddy was spotted snacking on our pumpkin cake.  Thankfully he didn't find the caramel sauce in the fridge. That would have been a tragedy.  Or a travesty.  Or something.
 December 3.  Taking "Copper" the dog statue for a walk.  I think Marley was a little jealous of that one.

 December 5, hanging out with the scarecrows.  Yes, we were finally getting fall/autumn decorations put away. :) 
 December 6.  We found our budding photographer posing some of our Santas and snapping a picture or two with MY camera. Unfortunately, that was the big snow day so I had to confiscate the camera later to get my own pictures. 

 Well, not bad for a first time photo session...
 December 7, that tricky elf. He didn't move in the night like he usually does.  But he fooled the kids. When they finished up their breakfast, they found him under the tree with a Christmas movie.  Perfect for watching on a snowy day!

 December 8.  This one took us a while to find. Buddy was hanging out in the toyroom by the copier/printer.  He also used quite a bit of ink making a copy of himself.  I hope that elf told Santa to bring me some ink cartridges!
 December 9, Smores!  We had smores earlier that night. Apparently we didn't clean up well. So Buddy decided to make one for himself. Thankfully he is a smart elf and didn't leave a candle lit all night long...

 December 10. We thought Buddy had disappeared. We couldn't find him anywhere. So what a shock to get our morning milk and find this!  I heard squeals and shocked screams every time the kids got a glass that day...
 Finally, today, December 11.  Apparently Buddy is treating himself to some mini doughnuts.  Too bad he didn't leave any for us to have!
We just never know what we will find when we wake up each day...

Happy Holidays!  (And Merry Christmas to you!)


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  1. Very cute. Santa will be at 160 hagan this year as well. I have two little ones waiting for him. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.


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