Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grand Central Station

Mark called at one point tonight (after attending a Yankees game) and told me he was at Grand Central Station. I just chuckled. I am pretty sure I LIVE in Grand Central Station.

This will be short. I must get at least an hour more of sleep than last night. I have big plans this weekend but I am afraid I may collapse from exhaustion instead. Part of it is Mark being gone. The other part is that sometimes I underestimate how long it is going to take me to make or do things. And sometimes I bite off more than I can chew!

Are you appreciating your teachers this week?

The morning went fairly well. There were a couple of minor kinks, like the youngest telling me he didn't want to get up out of bed. :) Don't toddlers have any sense of urgency? But we all got to our respective places in a timely manner. Teacher gifts were delivered. And everyone was dressed and fed. I think that is a success, don't you?

Just in case you are not in Arkansas, we are on day 5 of rain. I am getting kind of weary of that pitter patter on the window. We really want some warm sunny days. I have children who really need to move.

I am so disappointed. Not one suggestion on what to do with an argumentative (with me) child? Surely someone out there has dealt with this? or maybe nobody is reading?

I knew I forgot something on my random thoughts. We thought the Panasonic guy was going to come next week to set us up with our Living in HD products. Unfortunately, Mark called the other day to check in on our TV stand. It was supposed to be delivered last week. We were then informed (after WE called) that it will be another three weeks. So we have a delay. :( Mark is in New York right now. I told him to run by Panasonic and see if they will at least give us one of the digital cameras so he can take pictures of New York. Our oldest would be in awe!

Before I go, I just have to give a little thanks for Child 2. She was a HUGE help tonight. I was trying to get dinner ready, take care of a teacher gift, clean up, etc. She was right there, ready to pour milk, ready to tend to her little brother, etc. I enjoy watching her with him. She is a natural "mommy". She can carry him on her hip, put him in his chair, get his toothbrush ready for me. I just don't think I say it enough, how much I appreciate her!

I would love to sit and chat some more, but I must get some sleep. It will be morning before I know it...if we don't float away before then!
PS I started a part 2 for a "Day in the Life" but got sidetracked with some chores. I will continue tomorrow...


  1. I am a bit behind in reading blog posts. Like you, I've probably bitten off more than I can chew :-)

    Is this child argumentative or is this child debating? To me there is a huge difference between the two.

    We had a child who wanted to debate everything, which some might consider arguing. It was very important to him that he be heard and allowed to make his point. I only considered it argumentative when it crossed the line into disrespect. As long as he wanted to give us his point of view or perspective, we would allow him to do just that. We wanted him to know that his point of view was important, because it was his point of view. If the debate crossed the line into disrespect, the conversation was over until he could discuss things calmly. Believe me, this was a challenge for me. I was raised by parents who wanted to "control" their children. It took me a long time to learn that it wasn't my job to "control" anyone but myself. I certainly stumbled a lot along the way. Even though he didn't always 'win' the debate, I did try very hard to allow this particular child the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings. It was certainly a learning opportunity for both of us and for a long time he wanted to be a lawyer. I have no doubt he would have made a good trial lawyer :-)

    Several months ago I found a book called "Parenting With Love and Logic." I wish this book would have been in existance when I was raising the boys because it would have been very helpful. They discuss this very topic in the book, however, they refer to it as "thinking words and fighting words." Ex. Your child shouts and says something in anger. A parent could respond with "Don't talk to me in that tone of voice" which puts everyone on the defensive. Or, the parent could respond in a calm voice with "You sound upset. I'll be glad to listen when your voice is as soft as mine is." This is a teaching opportunity for the child to learn both respect and obedience.

    Sorry to have gone on and on about this. It just so happens that I'm reading this book for the 2nd time and am in total agreement with the authors approach to parenting.

  2. Hey there, Sweet Friend!

    I had to laugh at your comment about living in Grand Central Station.. OOHHH... I CAN SO identify! =-D

    I hope things settle down for you soon.. I hope you're sleeping well and that your hubby will be safe and sound and back in your home with you soon!

    As for the arguing child.. and I may have mentioned this book to you before.. but there is one that's a "must have" for every Christian home. It's called, "For Instruction in Righteousness," and it's by Pam Forster. You can find a copy of it here...

    The book is pretty much set out in topics, then she gives you scripture for each given topic. I just flipped open my copy of the book and found the heading, "Shifting Blame/Making Excuses"... then she gives scripture references and brief descriptions of people who shifted/placed blame on others.

    Now, for the issue of a child arguing with you.. it wasn't too terribly long ago that we had to deal with Zach on this matter. (And STILL do from time to time, only now it's not as often or frequent as it used to be)

    Zach was/is the world's worst at arguing/back-talking. I went to a mom with children much older than ours.. who's children actually OBEY her with smiles on their faces.. and the advice I got was to punish him EVERY time he did/does it. She said to NEVER allow them to question or correct me/us. She was right, the attitude was much better almost instantly. (Now, I always try to give a scripture about how GOD wants us to respond to whatever the issue is so that they see the problem as SIN and not just something that Mom is nagging about)

    Anyway, that's just my two cents worth... I'm still learning the ropes myself. Hehehe ☺

    Take care, Sweet Friend..
    I ♥ U


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