Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seeing a Light...

at the end of the tunnel. I love what a friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day. Is that the light at the end of the tunnel (as in the end of school) or is it an inbound train? hmmm, I am not sure...

Sorry I haven't posted. I am also behind on reading/commenting on blogs which I love to do.

Last night I crashed around 10:30...very early for me.

This morning I got up early (unusual for me on a Saturday), and I went to a school fundraiser at Applebee's. I worked in the back, passing out syrup and butter. It was my first attempt at food service. :) I think I will stick with teaching.

Afterwards I spent about six hours in my classroom just packing things up, taking things off the wall, putting some last minute things together for Monday which is our last day of school (with kids). I enjoyed the time. I pumped up a Michael W. Smith CD and sang away. (Thankfully nobody else was really there to hear me :)

When I got home, we worked on putting the trampoline back together. (If you have read for a while, you may remember the night several months ago we had a big storm that carried our trampoline up and over the fence into our neighbor's yard.) It was so nice out (a little warm but a nice treat after our cold temps Thursday). Our trampoline is put together but it is a bit warped. So I sat on one side (so glad my weight is good for something) and Mark held down the other. We let the kids just jump around hoping it would stretch it a little so it would sit flat. It isn't all the way back to normal but it doesn't look like a Pringle anymore.

Let's see...Child 3 had her last day of preschool on Friday. She loved school but she was actually very excited to be done. The youngest had his last day of daycare with Ms. Amanda. She isn't going to keep him next year (I am afraid he may have worn out his welcome :), so it was a big goodbye for him. Well, as big as it gets with two year olds who have no concept of time. And it was Mark's last day with one company; Monday he starts his new job.

I do have some proud Mommy moments to share (is that bragging to share them?) but I am going to get to bed for now. I am trying to finish up a slideshow to send home with my kiddos on Monday so I will either write again later or Monday night...

And if I haven't visited your blog lately, know that I miss you! I will be catching up this week.

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