Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clothes Out...

Sorry I missed yesterday. I was SOOO tired. I hardly touched the computer. I didn't even "farm" on Facebook. And today...I am buried in clothes. We have clothes everywhere. I keep thinking I am almost done but then I find another box of clothes. What I am really buried under is the old clothes that need to find their respective piles. I will get done, I will get done...right?

Well, yesterday I had this passing thought, "I am so glad that I seem to feel pretty healthy right now..." When you are around children all of the time (at school and home), the chances of getting sick are fairly high. I do try to wash my hands often but sometimes those slippery germs get by. Well, I cannot blame anyone for how I feel today (except myself for feeling so happy yesterday about how good I felt). Overnight (literally), my allergies flared up. I have been surprised they haven't bothered me yet this fall with all of the rain (which I am guessing stirs up mold?). When I first woke up my throat was sore. Thankfully that passed. Now I am just a sneezy, sniffly, drippy mess. My cheeks ache and my teeth hurt. I don't feel bad enough to stay at home, but I sure don't feel like I am at the top of my game.

Okay, enough whining...

A Child 3 story: Yesterday she informed me that she wants to be the boss of everyone. She meant it. The girl loves to boss. As soon as we get home, she pretends to be the teacher. (Actually more often the principal) She loves to get on to kids. I have to laugh because I know her teacher well...she is NOT imitating her teacher completely. She says her teacher's words but not in the same voice her teacher uses. I sometimes remind her that teachers really aren't allowed to yell at the students, imaginary or not...

Sidenote: Happy birthday to my Grandmother today!

Have I mentioned I am a bit weary of the rain? We have had very little sunshine around here this month. I heard this morning on the radio that 10 out of 13 days in October thus far have been wet! Have you ever been to an elementary school when they don't get outside for recess??? Please, God, please. Send some sunshine our way!

Please continue to pray for Hannah Grace. As if being diagnosed with leukemia wasn't enough, she has had to battle some issues related to a stroke and possible seizures.

Well, this is short and has little substance. Sounds like a perfect Seinfeld episode to me. :) But I must go. I am achy and weary. Yet for some reason, I am thinking not being able to breathe is going to interfere with my sleep tonight...


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  1. Hope you feel better soon! The rain has moved out end in sight! I just cleaned out the kids closets yesterday...such a daunting task, but so rewarding when it all done :)


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