Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Signs of the Times

Here are a few signs of the times around here...we obviously have kids in the house...

Hair scrunchies all over the place. ALL over the place. Everywhere I turn, I find a hair scrunchie. I have a nice system for storing them, and it works well if anyone actually puts them AWAY!Your sacred bathtub has a kids' piano book on it (and a magazine that undoubtedly one of your little ones dropped in there...
A pick up stick under the table (of course...)...why?
The crumbs and dropped food on the floor. I am really hoping for a Roomba at some point to clean my floor when I am too tired to!
The blinds are always askew...
The daycare notes which show up in some of the strangest places. Every day when he gets his note, Child 4 declares, "My paper! My paper!" And he acts like he is guarding the vault of a reserve. However, we step into the house, and suddenly the paper is dropped on the floor, soon to be forgotten...
The Last Chance Basket. On occasion, the clutter is too much for me. So I collect the stuff that is NOT mine and load up the basket. The kids have about 24 hours to clean it out.
Photo albums or Calvin and Hobbs books randomly left in my seat
The stuff I put outside their door so they can put things away. Yet three days later, there is the pile of stuff, still outside the door!
The handtowel in the bathroom that is NEVER ever put back on the ring...

The refrigerator, covered in kids' papers/artwork, invitations, cartoons (about parenthood), etc.

The Clothes! The Clothes! Still switching seasons out...
The fingerprints left on the cabinet drawers

The pillows never put away correctly...

The basket of socks with no mates. How does that happen?
The bottomless box of Cheerios.

I am sure there are a few more signs of the times around here, but I must get to bed. So, what are your signs?


  1. What a neat idea for a post! I should write one like this.. might open the eyes of my hubby and why I tend to freak out over his mess! LOL I don't know about you but I REALLY don't like picking up behind the other adult in the house. The girls and the dogs (more puppy today her favorite flavor is paper!) are quite enough! LOL

  2. Are you serious that none of those socks match?! That's crazy! I thought I had a lot. LOL!

    Neat post though. I might have to do one too...problem is, a lot really is my mess. :)

  3. I can handle most of the photos but the pillows out of place. UGH!

  4. I feel so at home looking at this pictures! Well except for the socks! Only because we don't have near as many as you! Great idea for a post, I am definitely going to have to copy that one!

  5. On of my sign of the times is when I open my purse only to see a pacifier, a hair bow or two, a half eaten bag of m&m's, baby wipes, and a baby shoe. :)


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