Thursday, October 22, 2009

Job Performance Evaluation

Sometimes I wonder what my job performance evaluation would look like. I look around the house and see disorganization (which drives me crazy). I have given up on our household budget. (Thankfully we aren't big spenders, so I can estimate...keeping up with receipts was an impossible task with everything else going on...) This week I have done well cooking, others, we eat out more than I want to admit. Exercise is just not happening for me other than the days we get out to hike. And yes, that pile of socks without matches is for real though it is probably time for me to go through again and see if any of them resembles another sock! Some days I feel like Supermom, others, like Loser Mom.

Today I realized that I can continue to focus on what isn't done (like the budget, the piles, the photo boxes). Or I can stop and think of what I DID do today (as a a teacher is a whole different post)...

  • I prepared lunch for Child 3 and myself for the field trip we thought we were going on before the rains came down...again!
  • I held Child 4's hand during breakfast...why? Because he wanted me to. It is his love language. So I guess you could say I fulfilled his love language.
  • I fixed the hair of two little girls.
  • I got out of the house with three kids (Mark takes the youngest), all dressed and fed.
  • I again (with gentle reminders) reinforced the pattern of prayer on the way to school, praying out loud for each family member.
  • I got myself and the three kiddos to school...early!
  • I hugged Child 3 in the hallway a couple of times just because she needed it.
  • I found Child 1's glasses on my desk and remembered to bring them home for him.
  • I finished up my work early so we could get Child 4 out of daycare isn't fair for it to be a long day for him.
  • I signed up to bring a snack for the Halloween party at Child 4's school.
  • I made Child 4 a snack because that is his routine, even if he just ate one at school.
  • I blended salsa and browned hamburger meat for our taco dinner (always a favorite around here).
  • I checked backpacks, making sure the kids were caught up on school work and any other needed notes...I reinforced that education IS important.
  • I folded a few loads of laundry, washing more in its place.
  • I assisted Child 3 with her "chore" of emptying the dishwasher. In many ways it would be easier to do it myself, but I have to remember that it instills responsibility and a sense of accomplishment for her.
  • I cleaned down the counter and washed my hands several times in hopes that we can stay healthy around here.
  • I picked Child 1 up from swim team. Extra curricular activities are tough on the rest of us but they are important to him.
  • I answered questions delicately and honestly for Child 3 about something she had heard at school that upset her (a current event), hopefully providing her some peace of mind.
  • I prepared the house to look somewhat decent for an upcoming visit from Mark's parents.
  • I nurtured my family with a yummy taco meal followed by Halloween sugar cookies.
  • I maintained discipline (or tried to :), hoping that by changing some behaviors not, they won't be an issue later in life.
  • I cleaned out one last box of summer/spring clothing...I am almost finished!
  • I prayed for several friends and family throughout the day.
  • I e-mailed (what I hope was encouragement) to some friends.
  • I maintained my relationship with my sister who lives away from me through Facebook interaction.
  • I helped save even a little bit of the earth by recycling rather than throwing away.
  • I spent even just a few minutes talking or playing with the kids, connecting with them after being away all day.
  • I researched possible summer vacation destinations, possible dinner for tonight, and other things.
  • I spent some quality time with my hubby.
  • I recorded some memories on Facebook and the blog in hopes that it will provide my kids with a written record of our family life for years to come.

All that to say, I am never going to be the ideal mom or wife. I won't always run the house in an organized manner. I won't always be on top of things. And some days, I am in survival mode. I think about all of the things our ancestors did (like churning butter, collecting eggs, sewing clothing), and I am so far away from being that "ideal woman". But at the end of the day, if I really think about it, I can look back and see that I have accomplished many things, that my heart is there for my family and friends, that I am "doing my part" for the world. I imagine you could do the same!


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  1. Sounds like you did more than I do in a week!!!


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