Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gator Golf

I do plan on finishing a Part II to "Judge Not..." but it won't be tonight. I need to finish up a little work then head to bed. In case I haven't mentioned, I am having a girls' weekend away this weekend with my little sis!

I did want to share really quick about my 'date night". About a month ago, Mark came to me and told me he had come up with an idea. We never quite know what that will entail, so I held my breath in anticipation. Then Mark told me we would be taking one child a week out for some one on one time; we alternate who takes who.

It sounds easy to do. One child a week? But it is a bit of a challenge, just finding time our schedule. So far the only "miss" we have had is the youngest with me. It was just a crazy week that week. Thankfully he gets a lot of one on one time with me already.

Anyway, thus far, child 3 has gone to a baseball game, and child 2 has been out with both of us (at different times) for some ice cream. And our firstborn, well, tonight was our night.

First I had to take child 2 to gymnastics. When it was finally over, we came home. My firstborn was ready and waiting.

We went out together for a round of Gator Golf, a local mini golf course.

The cost? $8 for both of us to play 18 holes.

The reward? Priceless.

We played neck and neck the whole "round". The weather was beautiful. And we were able to just enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of home. We didn't have many "profound" conversations, but we talked when opportunities arose.

The actual round only lasted about 30 minutes, so afterward we headed over to Barnes and Noble to do a little "window shopping". By the way, I am not so sure that my son hasn't read more books than me which is saying alot since I am an avid reader when I let myself. :)

On the way home, my son told me (no prompting) "Thank you for taking me!" He kept telling me what an "awesome" time he had had. It was very sweet.

And all I can think is, "No, Son, thank you for a night of memories!"



  1. Sounds like you and Hunter had a nice evening out together.

    Have fun on your girl's weekend away!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes! Our children have no idea what joy they bring to us. Special special times with your first born! Great idea Mark!!
    Oh and I am JEALOUS of your girls weekend away!! I would so love that! Have fun and enjoy every minute


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