Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signs that Spring has Sprung

Yes, two posts in one day. Who knew?

There are signs everywhere that spring has sprung in NWA...

Blooms (and pollen) everywhere...
Bright colors coming to life...
The vivid green hues that take my breath away (either from beauty or from allergies...take your pick)

But there are other ways that I know spring has sprung. I will bullet them for you, just because I am in a bullet kind of mood. :)

  • I wake up to birds singing outside my window. Sometimes really loudly.
  • Speaking of birds, our family birds that make SUCH a huge mess on our front porch have returned. (They nest right above our front door)
  • I am going to bed without socks.
  • The kids are begging to go swimming, wear shorts, make snow cones, your choice.
  • Spring testing at school.
  • Sweaty little children coming in from recess
  • Water gun fights in the backyard
  • Complaints of how "hot" it is
  • Fruit is filling up our fridge, especially cut up watermelon
  • Dinners of soups and chili have been replaced with grilled burgers and such. I do miss baked potato soup this time of year.
  • I sometimes sleep with one foot in, one foot out (of the covers)
  • The ceiling fans are going full speed. Of course, they are covered with dust which means we are all a bit sneezy
  • That familiar yellow layer of pollen on the car
  • Swollen eyes and stopped up noses
  • The switching of the seasonal clothes
  • The kids are begging to wear flip flops to school. (Um, no)
  • Shaving my legs more often (at least my calves since I wear capris)
  • That "nesting" feeling, the need to spring clean out our lives
  • Kids are taking showers every single night...no more skipping them
  • My electric blanket is tucked under the bed (one less cord to trip on :)
  • No more jackets hang off my chair waiting for me in the morning
  • It is harder to wake up since it is still "dark" outside.
  • It is harder to trick the kids into going to bed earlier since it is light so late
  • Our first round of family birthdays begins (all are in spring/summer except for our firstborn's)
  • The calendar boxes are filling up with end of the school year activities
  • My heart feels renewed, like it is waking up after a long, dreary winter

I could go on and on but better stop. I have more testing to do today.

So, what your not so obvious signs that spring has sprung?



  1. Iowa kids start wearing flip flops as soon as our highs get into the 50s. I even wore them one day already for 1/2 day to rebel against coming snow. dumb idea.

  2. The most obvious sign spring has sprung when you deal with middle school kids is an increase in fights and drama!! Happens every year. They (older principals who have served as my mentors) always say "The sap has risen"!!
    I love the flip flop comment! I wear them as soon as I can! Would wear thenm year round if I wouldnt get frost bite on my toes!
    PS-you are a great photographer! The pictures in this post are great! Look like postcards!!

  3. I love summer. I think that Noah had more baths last week than he had all winter. I sure wish we had kept some of those summer temps today. We spent 6 hours in the rain and cold overseeing 16 soccer games. Still trying to thaw.


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