Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Women of Joy Part 3

I know, I know, probably not the most exciting stuff. But I want to remember certain things. This is the last day, so tomorrow I can move on to something else. :)

Sunday morning we got up bright and early again, though not quite as early. We went ahead and checked out and loaded up the car. Then we headed to the conference.

We again had a wonderful worship time with Chris and our elevator friend Conrad and Big Daddy Weave. Then we had a speaker named Donna Gaines. She was a new speaker for Women of Joy. Her husband is a pastor at Bellview (sp?) in Memphis.

I have to say that out of all of the speakers, she might have been the one I needed to hear the most.

Mrs. Gaines' whole message was about walking the walk. Are we living in a way that is pleasing to Him? When we go to a restaurant after church on Sunday, are the food workers happy to see us or do they dread it? (With four kids, there is always a chance we are dreaded, but I hope we leave the restaurant in good shape afterwards :) Are we supportive, encouraging, etc? I know I am leaving out several main points, but you get the gist of it all.

All through the weekend, I had pondered about whether I should pre-register for next year. The date given was a weekend my sister has something else going on. I couldn't think of anyone to ask and was wary to commit myself even though I found the weekend to be such a refreshing nurturing of my heart and soul. Anyway, at the end of the conference, the director of the conference announced that at that point, 99% of the tickets (that had just gone on sale the day before) for next year were sold. That made up my mind. I went ahead and purchased one (it was only a 25 dollar deposit so I can always change my mind later). I don't know yet what or how I will do it. Maybe we will take a family trip; I will go to the conference while the others do something else. Or maybe I will find others going. Either way, I am already excited and looking forward to next year! (I do wish my sister and I could go together was SUCH a treat to have that time together without any distractions)

Since the conference, we have hit the ground running and not slowed down. I am overly tired, thus a very late and limited post. We have had talent show, science fair projects, schoolwork (both kids and myself), a housecleaning (which always require a pre-cleaning), extra laundry, etc. Plus Mark was out of town for a night. Either way, these little wrap ups will remind me what I learned and that I need those words in every day life, whether all is right with the world or we are running around like chickens without heads cut off.

More later!

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