Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have You Ever Wanted...

Just some random thoughts from a random mom...
Have you ever wanted to...
  • sit on the floor of your shower (under the hot water) and cry after a hard day of listening to sibling rivalry?
  • go on strike when yet another child turns up their nose at the dinner you just spent hours making?
  • have a doctor tell you that you were on "bed rest" for a short period of time (not for anything serious) so you could catch up on a little sleep?
  • empty out the toy room and start from scratch?
  • break out into song and dance, for no reason other than you can?
  • start singing and find out that overnight you developed an amazing set of pipes?
  • eat dessert first?
  • be a judge on one of the cooking competitions?
  • sleep in past nine o'clock with nobody calling your name and telling you how hungry they are?
  • finish a conversation with your hubby without ONE interruption?
  • say what you REALLY think on Facebook?
  • just go out for a quick run to burn off some steam (not recommended when you can't walk one block without getting huffy and puffy :).
  • find "THE PARENTING MODEL" that tells you exactly what you need to do as a mom.
  • spend one whole day doing nothing?
  • just take off for a quick weekend trip to the beach?
  • find a baseball card tucked away in your things that is actually worth a lot of money?
  • scream at the top of your lungs to just see what your kids would do?
  • just take off for vacations without a care in the world about cost or travel?
  • freeze a moment in time with your family, that moment when things are just right...almost perfect!
More later!


  1. I sometimes do say what I REALLY think on FB... you usually delete those comments.. :)


  2. I am soooo with you on all of these! Especially this time of year. January is when I suffer from the blues more than any other time of the year. I did accomplish 2 of those on your list this week during our snow days. I literally spent a day (probably a day and a half) doing absolutely nothing. We had already played in the snow a full day and we couldnt travel so we just chilled at the house for 2 days straight---then cabin fever set in!! :(
    And I did catch up on some sleep during this "snow week" off!
    I hope to see a post soon saying you got to do at least some of these "wants"!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I do say what I think on FB almost always. This post says a lot of whats on my mind or at least wish for at times. Especially with the sibling rivalry im right there with you.

  4. Oh Yea! You can take a weekend break to the beach... our home is always open to you and your family :)


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