Thursday, January 27, 2011


I often struggle with how much to share about our children no here. There are so many things I wouldn't share for privacy sakes. And it is never my goal to embarrass my children. Yet there are times I want to just sit and have a heart to heart HONEST conversation with you, whoever "you" may be.

All that to say, parenting is hard work. And parenting adopted children has its own special challenges. Maybe one day I will share. Maybe.

I do want to share this though. I have an Internet friend named Angel. She has adopted three children, so I doubt there is anything I could say or do that would surprise her. :)

Anyway, a couple days ago on Facebook, Angel mentioned this blog post (thus "Redirected"). I don't always take the time to watch videos on the computer because usually I am doing a "fly by" with e-mail and Facebook. I am just doing a quick scan to catch up on any news, prayer requests, etc. But this time, I decided to take a minute to watch. And I about cried. Oh, wait, I did cry.

You see, I have thought for a long time that many adopted children feel things we cannot even fathom. A sense of loss. Fear. Confusion. They are kind of "caught between two worlds". I know that all of this is there, but truthfully, Maria sometimes has a hard time articulating her thoughts and feelings. So we play a guessing game with her when times are tough about what is really going on. And even more of a guessing game about how to fix it. Or at least help her cope with it.

Then I saw this blog post/video. It not only articulated what I think she may be experiencing, but it articulates what I think she may be experiencing.

Thank you, Angel, for sharing and putting this into words...

More later,

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  1. I thought about you as I was reading another blog--this family also has 3 adopted children and has 1 bio child who was born premature and has been in the hospital for 3 months--she talks about how difficult it is with her and her husband splitting time--the blog address is and she talks about attachment with adopted kids. Made me think a lot about your situation. I am praying for you guys!


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