Friday, January 7, 2011

Signs 'O a Teacher

I have all kinds of blog entries swirling in my mind, but I am severely sleep deprived. So tonight I am going to be light and fluffy. Then tomorrow I can maybe be serious again. Maybe. If I can wake up. I am having trouble with that.
Today something happened at school. I can't even tell you what exactly. But I thought, "I haven't done a teacher post in a while...time for some "signs of a teacher". Please know this is the "light stuff". I am way too tired to try to be "deep" or very serious tonight.
You know you are a teacher if...
  • you go home each day with dry erase markers and Vis a Vis marker all over your fingers.
  • you have used a paperclip to open up a clogged glue bottle.
  • you have gone to work with a throbbing headache just to avoid writing lesson plans for a substitute (who you are pretty sure cannot be you no matter how bad you feel!).
  • your heart actually races when you get a new book order.
  • you see a pile of mismatched puzzle pieces and immediately think of three art activities you could do with them.
  • you use acronyms in daily conversations. PST, GRR, PPVT, PDD, OT, PT, PTA, RTI, ELL, TESOL, the list is endless.
  • you have ever cooked green eggs and ham.
  • you dread hearing the word "snow" knowing your summer is getting shorter and the kids are going to be more antsy.
  • you say the Pledge of Allegiance each and every day.
  • you know what "calendar time" is.
  • you clean out your children's toys and books and immediately think of a perfect spot for school.
  • you have a collection of school pictures...taken every single year.
  • wearing a lanyard around your neck with necessary keys is as normal as wearing shoes and socks.
  • you have a fun shirt for about every holiday you can think of.
  • you know what a "bubble" test is.
  • you have spent your evening cutting out and folding paper circles so your students can create snowflakes the next day.
  • you can read kindergarten writing with vowels necessary.
  • you can name three ways to get a group of people quiet without raising your voice.
  • you find yourself walking down the hall with your hands behind your back and a bubble in your mouth.
  • you are used to eating lunch at 10:30 (and in just a few gulps).
  • you know a variety of songs about the days of the week.
  • You have ever worn a paper necklace with pride as its creator (a student) stands nearby beaming.
  • your "new year" starts every August.
  • you have the urge to tell other children at the park to only go DOWN the slide, not UP the slide.
  • you write posts in your head during the day about the signs of a teacher.

More later,



  1. I love this woman!


  2. So do I Mark! And not only is she a great mother and daughter, I think she is the best teacher in the whole world!
    From Grams

  3. So sweet (above)

    To answer your ?, the average wait for one is around 8-9 months. They don't give averages for two-could be less, could be longer depending on your request.


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