Monday, January 17, 2011

That Was Then, This Is Now...

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much my life has changed in the last 15 years. Thought I would share a few with the few of you out there. :)
  • I used to get ready in the morning by SITTING at my vanity, putting on my makeup, curling my hair, etc. Now? I am standing so I can go help a child in need, brush other people's hair, and as for my own...I go with the au naturale look most of the time.
  • I used to come home every day and take an afternoon nap before getting up to make dinner and hang out the rest of the evening with my main man. Now I come home, get a load of laundry going, help with homework, start dinner, oversee chores, break up arguments, etc. I don't get to sleep until after midnight typically. I do still take naps on the weekends if I can though!
  • I used to read novels for fun (usually Christian romance or Nicholas Sparks). Now the only books I read are picture books. That isn't totally true. I usually get a couple fun books in on vacation. I just tend to get wrapped up in books forgetting the world around me. So I don't let myself start a novel unless I know that I will have someone else here supervising.
  • I used to read the newspaper every day, front to back typically. Now I try to read the front page and a few select parts when I can. Sometimes it is that day, other times it is a few days later.
  • I used to play Solitaire on the computer while I waited for my e-mail to download. Now I hang out on Facebook (socializing with friends from all walks of my life), google for things I don't know, and check e-mail...all at the same time!
  • I used to relish a weekend away with my husband. I am sure I still would, but now we take an hour or two alone if we can get that.
  • I used to take pictures, then take my film to a store to be developed. Now I click away, store them on the computer, edit the pictures, and rarely develop pictures.
  • I used to scrapbook big events in our lives, vacations, etc. Now I might get a picture book (digitally) made. Might. (That is why this blog is is my little piece of Cloud history)
  • Once upon a time, I got new magazines and read them from cover to cover. Nowadays, I have a basket (or two) filled with magazines that I hope to get to eventually.
  • I used to take long, leisurely hot baths (usually with a magazine in hand). Now I take showers (often times long just to escape for a bit :)...they are quicker and quieter (drowning out any tattling going on in the house).
  • I used to look forward to snow days to stay home and play. Now I pray against having them so we have a longer summer. Besides staying home with this crew when it is too cold to be outside is NOT fun.
  • I used to drive my beloved Honda Accord. I loved that car. Now I drive a Honda minivan. It works for us. It isn't the Accord though.
  • I used to get big cravings for milk chocolate. These days, I usually only eat dark. It is better for my heart, thus easier to justify. :)
  • I used to think a weekend in Branson or a shopping trip in Kansas City was the best thing in the world to do. Now I cannot fathom being anywhere but out on a hiking trail with my family, complaining kids and all.
  • I used to grocery shop by the month, bringing home a few bags here and there. Now I grocery shop by the week, bringing home multiple bags bulging at the seams.
  • I used to look things up in encyclopedias or call my mom if I had a question. Now, I google. I can google anything. I still call my mom though. :)
  • I used to never fill my car up with gas. My dad did it for years until Mark took over that job. Now, in the last year, I have filled my car up more with gas than I did the previous 25 years. I am usually out, see that light come on, and have somewhere to be. So I just do it. But I still don't like to.
  • I used to see cousins at the occasional family reunion or hear about them through my grandmother. Now I chat with them via Facebook, e-mail, blogs, or texting.
  • I used to wait eagerly for Christmas cards in hopes there might be a picture of friends and family. I still eagerly wait for Christmas cards, but there is a big chance I have seen the family pictures via Facebook or a blog.
  • I used to dream of being a mom, a wife, a teacher. Now, I am living that dream and enjoying (almost) every moment. Guess some things never change, do they?
More later,

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  1. Sometimes I wish technology wasn't so advanced. We might have a lot more time to do other things. Then again I can't picture myself as before.
    I love to be able to check from family in other states just a click away.
    I Google everything.
    I do however miss taking my time getting ready I was the kind that always had make up on now my hair goes in a bun and no make up.
    The last time me and my hubby went away way December 2009, we do have an occasional dinner just me and him at least once a week.
    I wouldn't change anything though I enjoy living my life the way I do. :)


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