Friday, January 21, 2011

Looks Can Be Deceiving...

We had our second snow day in a row. As you may have gathered, I am not a big fan. Of snow days. Of snow. Of winter. So I will admit, I started the day with a touch of a sour mood. I really wanted to be at school.

Instead I was home with my crew.

Oh, sure, we like the leisurely morning. We took our time getting up. Most of us hung out in our pj's until after lunch. We played a little Wii, the kids created forts or read books, and I got a little cleaning done. However, the kids have cabin fever. Major cabin fever. And as the day went on, their activity levels increased. Meanwhile my good mood (what little there was) decreased as I broke up arguments, dealt with whiny children, and warned about the wrestling that has become common around here...without my approval.

About the time I was going to take a little nap, I got an e-mail from my hubby. It basically said we were going out on a date, that he would be home at 5. I would chastise him for not actually asking me but I think my need for a night out was no big secret.

I needed a night out. Not wanted. NEEDED.

Why? Well, there is the whole winter/stuck inside thing. There is also a three year old who is just very high maintenance right now. He thinks the entire world revolves around him. It doesn't matter that we have tried to tell him otherwise with both words and our consistency with behavior standards. He is still convinced. And very mistaken.

Anyway, we dropped the kiddos off with their unsuspecting grandparents and then ran to the car to make a quick getaway. :) Well, something like that.

We headed down the road or rather up the road to Bonefish Grill. We had eaten there once, and it was pretty good. Plus we had a gift card there that we had won through KLRC (our Christian contemporary radio station) for our anniversary.

It was a thirty to forty minute wait. Guess what! We didn't care. We didn't have any children to entertain or supervise. We were able to have uninterrupted conversations. And we spent some time people watching. It was just a very pleasant wait. Oh, and we got to sample one of their appetizers...Bang Bang Shrimp.

Finally we were seated. Since we had the gift card, we treated ourselves to an appetizer. And a dessert. More on that in a minute.

We had bacon wrapped scallops for our appetizer. They were good.

Then we each had Caesar salads. Yes, healthy meal thus far, isn't it?

Finally our meal arrived. Mark had Mahi Mahi with a Pan Asian sauce. I had Imperial Wolffish with a crab/shrimp/scallop lemon butter dressing. It was just wonderful. I almost cried when I took my last bite. Yum.

What is wolffish, you might ask? Well, according to our server, it is a fish with teeth that enjoys eating shellfish. Sounds like me! Thankfully though...doesn't look like me at all...

Just want to say, what I ate looked nothing like this. We just got tickled when we googled it to see what it looked like. :)

For dessert, we had chocolate creme brulee. I don't think I have ever tried creme brulee before today. And I am not positive I would like the regular kind. But the chocolate version? Yum, yum, yum!

After our meal, we made a little stop at Target for some household essentials.

Such exciting folk are we!

Then we came home, crew and all.

And life is back to normal.

But for just a few minutes, I was able to escape and rejuvenate.
Thank you, Honey, for helping make that happen!

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  1. I would think it is a good thing they don't have pictures of the actual fish you are eating on the menu--I wouldn't want to run into him in a lake or ocean! I'm glad you got to get out--I have been in the house since Wednesday and am doing the same thing--breaking up arguments and trying to limit tv/video game time:-) Plus we are(according to the forecast) supposed to get more snow on Sunday night/Monday am.:-) Have a great weekend!


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