Monday, June 13, 2011

39 and Counting

How do I love thee (oh, birthday hubby of mine...)? Let me count the ways.

39. You smell good. Really, you do (unless you had garlic at lunch :). After hugging me before leaving for your trip yesterday, I could smell you/your cologne the rest of the day. It made my heart happy.
38. You are my favorite opponent for WordFrames on Saturdays.
37. You will drop what you are doing (most of the time :) to go hiking with me and four wild children.
36. You make my heart go pitter patter when I am at school and I look up and see you unexpectedly.
35. You do not make us hang that deer head that looks like it is staring at us up in our house, keeping it tucked away in the attic instead.
34. You are a hard worker. You give your all to your company.
33. You are our spiritual leader.
32. You are a leader in other areas of your life too which is how you end up in charge of way too many things. :)
31. You are caring, even if that means making extra trips on Sunday mornings to help those in need.
30. You watch cooking shows with me
29. You make me laugh...almost all of the time.
28. You call me "Rebs".
27. You do little things for your mom just because she is your mom (or big things like taking the whole crew to the family reunion...).
26. You are courteous; you thank me for making dinner.
25. You can clean the kitchen sink better than I can.
24. Your beautiful tan that makes me green with envy
23. I love running my fingers through your thick brown hair with sprinkles of gray mixed in :)
22. You take me to the beach every year.
21. Your sense of adventure (swimming with sharks, skiing, etc...)
20. You are an amazing father.
19. You are my favorite person to explore a new city with (San Francisco for example).
18. You are generous.
17. You didn't run away when I brought up (not once but twice) the idea of adopting when we already had two children here...
16. You are the calm in the storm of life.
15. We agree on the major things in life (parenting) and agree to disagree on the smaller things in life (politics :).
14. You are a go-getter.
13. I love the way you hold me in your arms on a bad day (and on good ones too :).
12. You take all of your responsibilities seriously (deacons, PIE, work, father, husband).
11. You are a good driver which comes in handy since you drive us everywhere...
10. You are protective of all of us.
9. You come eat lunch with me during the school year in a lounge full of women.
8. You never ask me how much money I spent when I go shopping.
7. You just randomly break out into song.
6. You can go into cleaning mode at the drop of a hat...too bad we rarely are in that mode together. :)
5. You are one hot griller. You make a mean steak and bacon wrapped shrimp.
4. You have charmed my side of the family to the point that I think they would keep you, lose me if it came down to that.
3. You are a man after God's own heart.
2. You are my best friend.
1. Out of all of the women in the world, you chose (and are stuck with) me. I am so blessed.

Happy birthday, Mark Cloud. I love you and am so thankful for another year with you!

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