Friday, June 17, 2011

Lofty Goals

So, it is summertime. The "lazy days of summer". Ha! So far we have had basketball camp (thankfully only for 2 days) and swimming lessons all week. Next week we have VBS and two afternoons of appointments. Horse camp, music camp, and speed camp are still to come. And I even limit what my kids do in the summer. With four of them, there are a lot of interests. (Just in case it sounds like I am trying to get rid of anybody for the summer, none of these camps are overnight, most are just a few hours a day, and the kids really want to do them :)

But even then, our pace is typically slower in summer and I don't have the distraction of school. I have the distraction of home instead. :)

I always set "lofty goals" for my summer. And then I rarely meet them. But I do it every year anyway. This year is no exception.

So some of my goals for this summer are...
  • losing weight. I don't think I am off to a good start on this one. That whole almost 40 thing is killing me in this area.
  • keep up with the blogs. Probably not daily on all of them but try to be fairly regular.
  • exercise more than I don't. I am not setting myself up to fail with an "every day" thing but I do hope to get some good exercise in.
  • do at least one organizing act most days, whether it is a drawer or a whole closet. I am off to a good start on this one.
  • declutter (especially in the bills/paperwork department).
  • organize pictures, both "hard copies" and those on my computer
  • be an encourager (mostly through Facebook and blog comments)
  • do a jigsaw puzzle (just for something fun to do)
  • read a couple of books just for fun
  • some professional reading to prepare for next year (got a start on that)
  • make memories with the kids which doesn't have to be anything big...could be just like last night when we watched the classic Pete's Dragon and stayed up way past our bedtime
  • cook more
  • work on manners, kind words, and respect for each other with the kids
  • photo books for each of the kids of the past year

I know there are more but I wouldn't want to weigh down TOO much of the summer. :)

So, what are your lofty goals this summer?


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