Saturday, June 4, 2011

That Crazed Look

If you meet a teacher this time of year and she has that crazed look in her eyes, or even worse, a complete stone face, just remember this is normal for this time of year.

Not trying to gather any sympathy here but I just wanted to give a little rundown of what the last few weeks of school are like...
  • end of year assessments (which for kindergarten is NOT paper/pencil but rather one on one interviews and performance assessments)
  • student review sheets (gives end of the year assessment information for next year's teachers)
  • work on class lists for first grade
  • textbook inventory
  • end of year conferences and meetings
  • finishing up assessing/checking ANY paperwork and getting it sent home
  • taking things off the walls
  • packing the room up
  • cleaning off all desks and then moving them
  • letters to seniors (and this year...a reunion)
  • letters for fifth graders
  • report cards
  • report card comments
  • copies of assessments for first grade teachers
  • memory books (printing and binding)
  • sending home extra school supplies
  • end of the year "review" with principal
  • finishing up professional development hours
  • editing and categorizing about 550 pictures of my class to hopefully save on CD-Roms for my students
  • end of year assemblies
  • permanent records
  • retirement parties
  • lock-in (that would be tonight)
  • notes/gifts for my own children's teachers
  • Kindergarten Celebration/Graduation (that would be today)
  • extra duties (with interns gone)
  • Grade sheets
This year I can throw in some other things like cleaning off the wall for the new technological equipment, technology training, and a surprise 12 hours of professional development before mid-June.

Like I said, not looking for sympathy.

Just some understanding when you see that crazed look in our eyes. :)


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