Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The First Random Reba Thoughts...

for 2012. :)

I really need to be working on report card comments.

But I am blogging and Facebooking instead.

Which means tomorrow night I will likely NOT be blogging and Facebooking.

Because then I will really have to work on report card comments.

Anyway, here are some random Reba thoughts, the first of the new year.

Mainly because I am too tired to focus on one thing for more than say half a minu...

what was I saying?

  • Yes, we had a flat tire on the way home from Mississippi. We were maybe 10-15 minutes outside of the city where my husband's family lives. So we hadn't gotten far. Suddenly we hear a flap, flap, flap. Hubby pulls over. The tire is split wide open. Hubby said it is the biggest gash he has seen in our tires. So, hubby went to work changing to the spare while the kids entertained me. Oh my. It was a bit scary...we were on the side of a highway while semis flew by us, shaking our van. But we survived. I am VERY thankful we did not have an accident. I am also thankful for safety while Mark was changing the tire.
  • We ended up having to go back to our starting city to get the tire changed. It was the nearest place with a tire that would work. I am VERY thankful it took less than half an hour (though total, we had about 2 to 2 1/2 hours added to our trip with the whole ordeal).
  • I had just read the book "My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife". Wonderful book. I felt so understood. I will say that on occasion, I struggled with being the Proverbs 31 wife during the tire ordeal (though hubby handled it well overall...he was just a bit on edge here and there :). But again, we survived. :)
  • The other good part of the whole story was that we had to stop for dinner. Since we were near one of my favorite cheese dip restaurants (yes, they have other foods too), we stopped there. A rare treat. Cheese dip. REALLY good cheese dip. And chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Yum.
  • I am not sure who was more excited to see each other...Marley or us! We were SOOO happy to be home with her. I missed her terribly over the weekend.
  • Something I want to remember: Child 3 goes around the house singing at the top of her lungs. Praise songs. The thing is, she usually only knows one small part of the song. But what she does know, she sings with gusto!
  • I am still contemplating New Year "resolutions" (I prefer the word "goals"). Obviously, not procrastinating is NOT one of them. :) I do know a healthier lifestyle (more in the area of exercise) is one. I am starting next week though.
  • I had in-service today. That means teachers met, kids didn't. They start tomorrow. Usually my kids hang out with my mom for the day on these kinds of days. But hubby surprised me last week by announcing he thought he would just take the day off (I use that term loosely since he ends up working when he has a chance...just via Internet or phone) to stay with the kids. I think it was a fun day for all of them. Kids anyway. :)
  • The other day our youngest was reading a book. There was a word on the picture. He asked me what it was. I couldn't really see it since his hand was covering part of it. I told him I thought it was "boing" (which is actually one of the words in the title of the book). He informed me it could NOT be "boing" didn't have a "b" in it. Smarty pants. He was right. It was a totally different word.
  • Speaking of child 4, he got Legos for Christmas. He was looking through the "idea" book that came with them. He saw a picture of two houses. He told me that he would make them and he and I could live in one, the "others" could live in the other house. Oh, he is a mess. A funny one, but a mess nonetheless.
  • I almost hate to say it for fear of ruining it but the kids have been getting along fairly well recently...even playing together. It is very unusual!
  • I still need to finish Christmas posts. But not tonight. I really need to get to bed.

So enough Random Reba Thoughts...for now. :)


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