Friday, January 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday Once Again

If I don't have a Thankful Thursday, I will quickly slip into despair. This has been a tough week for many reasons. I need to remember what went well, what blessings I have...

  • No snow day! We got a dusting of snow but thankfully the street was not really covered at all. I know, snow days can be fun. But I also know how very much I love summertime. And snow days tend to make the summers shorter.
  • Our oldest's bedroom furniture is almost here! He has had his new bed for a few months. But he hasn't had any kind of dresser. Now he will!
  • Child 3's teacher told me how Child 3 was playing a spelling game in class. She came in 2nd. But what makes me proud is that the teacher told me how gracious our daughter was accepting her loss.
  • I thought Marley had some growths on her (almost felt like lumps). Turns out it was matted fur from...I have no idea what it was from.
  • plans for our future in the works (God willing)
  • Child 4 is feeling MUCH better.
  • two kiddos had good reports at the eye doctor
  • good report cards
  • good reports at the dentist this week...other than me. :) I have a crack in a filling. :(
  • cooking dinner with our oldest. It is my goal each week to plan and cook a meal with one kiddo (rotating basis). Child 1 chose fried catfish. It was fun!
  • a warm house (especially when our wind chill will be about 0 tonight)
  • heated seats in my van (see above)
  • Child 4's teachers (both during his class and after school)...they have the patience of Job
  • beautiful sunsets
  • Child 3 asking a lot of questions about God and our relationship with Him

I know I could come up with more. But instead I am heading to bed :)

And hoping tomorrow is a much better day!


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