Sunday, April 29, 2012

Down for the Count

We have been passing the stomach bug around. 

I prefer we share dessert or love.

Germs, not so much.

One kiddo had it last weekend.

Another had it mid-week.  It went away then returned Friday.

A third thought he was sick but recovered quickly.

Then last night it struck my dear hubby.

We cannot blame my cooking.  He had just eaten.  It was much too fast.  And nobody else seemed affected.

Then this morning I realized I didn't feel so hot either.

I will admit. I groaned. I complained.  I asked God, "Why?"

I had plans for the day.

Plans for tomorrow.

And this was not one of them.

But want it or not, it was here.

The only good news (at least for me) is that my illness was mild compared to my sweetie's.

Either way, we were both down for the count.

Amazingly, everyone, including that sweet pup of ours, slept in this morning.

Even when Marley pup woke up, she wanted to eat and go out but not necessarily play right away.

That is a true miracle.

Slowly the other kids emerged, the youngest sleeping in the latest.

I have to give credit.

When they found out we weren't feeling well, they took charge.

They got breakfast for themselves (and for Joshua who isn't quite ready for that yet).  They got dressed.  They entertained themselves.  They even "held home church" (without us). 

I am thankful for that.

I remember having a stomach bug when Lauren was a baby. So Hunter was just about 3 years old.  And I had to call my mom to help while Daddy was at work.  They weren't so self-sufficient then.

But this time they were.

If only one of them could have driven to the store, it would have made a not so fun day about as perfect as they could come.

I did manage to get up and around a bit this evening and even made (and ate) dinner.

So hopefully I am on the mend.

We will see about hubby.

And we will pray that the one child, the one person, not affected in this house stays that way.


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