Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday...

What is it they say about "A woman's work is never done?"

Sorry to any guy readers.

I am sure that is true for guys too.

I can only speak from the woman's point of view.

I have a zillion (maybe even more) posts floating through my mind.

And I want so much to put them down.

But time is so limited.


Because a woman's work is never done.

Obviously, since I am a teacher, I am gone all day.

I will save all of those activities for a teacher post another day.

But let me just share a somewhat typical Monday afternoon (which would look similar to a Tuesday afternoon, a Wednesday afternoon, etc.).

3:00 Child 3 appears in my classroom. School is out. Child 2 is at an after school activity. I spend about 45 minutes working on lesson plans, materials, etc. Well, when I am not answering questions from Child 3. We will just say she is curious.

3:45 We run out the door, taking just a minute to pause and watch a little bird splashing in a puddle of water from yesterday's monsoon.

4:00 We arrive at Child 4's school. My favorite part of that is that he is outside playing. He watches for me and when he sees me, he waves wildly at my car and smiles from ear to ear.

4:15 We arrive home for just a minute, picking up a snack (grapes) for Child 4. I also do a quick homework activity with Child 3. Then we hop back in the car to go pick Child 2 up from her after school activity.

4:35 Back home. I will admit, I want so much to just sit and kick up my feet for a bit. But duty calls. The girls get their folders out, so I spend some time going through their schoolwork, filling out school paperwork, etc.

I also finish filling the dishwasher, get it going, and wash a few big items. Then I start the dishwasher.

And I got a load of laundry going, gathered up the recycles, and played with the pup a bit.

5:30ish: Started washing potatoes in preparation for dinner. Of course, I also handled discipline issues, settled arguments, etc, while cooking.

6:45 Dinnertime (I a little late for the evening). It amazes me that the meal it took me almost an hour to make is gone within minutes.

7:30 Two kids start the bedtime process (coking, setting the table, etc.). Meanwhile, hubby and I work to clear off the countertop in the kitchen. Again.

8:00 Two kids, homework done. Showers done. Teeth brushed. Ready for bed.

I go pray with Child 3, then go to the kitchen to work on the dish situation. Just as I start, the puppy appears with a toy to play. I reluctantly head to the living room to play a little tug of war and fetch with her. In between games, I try to catch up with my own games (Words with Friends, Scramble, Draw Something) while I have a minute.

8:30 Child 2 is now almost ready for bed. We have a quiet time (the two older kids and us), each reading the Bible. We share at the end what we read about then pray together.

9:00 A little more clean up in the kitchen

9:30 Hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

10:00 Soooo want to go to bed.

But again, duty calls. I start a lunch for Child 3 for tomorrow, check over homework for Child 1, and get our sheets folded. Every time I start to sit down, I remember something else that just has to be done...

11:00 Paperwork for my own class (checking over work).

11:30, Another load of laundry, cleaning out some "piles", etc.

I am sure if you are a parent, you know what I mean.

It is never done.

Never. :)


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  1. Whew, I'm tired reading this. I don't know how you do it all. I subbed last week and was exhausted at 3. Not sure how I would do the homework, cleaning, dinner and such after 3. I would probably have to give myself a 6:30 bedtime :)


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