Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Spring Break Version

My spring break is almost over.

I can't really say I am thankful for that...

I mean, I love my job.

But I have loved being home this week.

Yes, and the kids are even here. :)

But I can find some things I AM thankful for this week...

  • a husband that takes care of me when I have a toothache
  • a patient dog that tolerates a LOT in our house (from our kids...or one in particular)
  • boiled chicken. I get two chicken meals and TONS of chicken broth from one boiled chicken
  • Pinterest (most of my meal was a Pinterest meal tonight :)
  • some maturing we see happening with child 3
  • running into one of my former students at the park the other day. She is a junior in high school now.  Where did the time go?
  • clean closets and cabinets.  I still have a lot to do but I have gotten a lot done (with the exception of today). If you had told me last year at this time that I would ever get to do any kind of household chore without constant interruption or chaos, I would have laughed. :)
  • hot rolls from the oven
  • the bonds between my children. I question them at times. And sometimes they seem non-existent. But many times this week I have found that they are there. They just get buried sometimes. :)
  • warm weather. Not today but earlier this week.
  • a dinner date with my hubby
  • having my children take care of me this morning when I felt very ill
  • not feeling ill any more. :)
  • time with my sister and nephew/nieces
  • watching my girls play with their cousin
  • watching Child 1 play basketball with his cousin at the park
  • Child 1's sense of humor...he is genuinely just a fun kid
  • listening to Child 4 read me books
  • my heating pad (for the toothache)
  • medicine (called in by my dentist until I can get my tooth taken care of :)
  • afternoon naps
  • my ipod. I love listening to my music (a variety) during my nap
  • the blooming trees
I know I could come up with more but even on spring break, I need to get a little rest.

How about you?

What are you thankful for this week?


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  1. AW! These are lovely sentiments. I agree, spring break is wonderful, especially for us teachers. :-) I know that I am longing for summer and the wonderful break and respite it brings. Have a lovely week back.


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