Sunday, March 24, 2013

And Just Like That...

Spring Break is over.

Where did the week go?

Actually, I know where it went.

It went to...

  • afternoon naps (all but one day)
  • catching up on some of my newspaper reading...some
  • organizing my kitchen
  • organizing some closets
  • organizing my recipes
  • organizing the kids' bathroom (and planning how to "grow it up a bit"
  • buying a new kitchen was time for the Christmas one to go :)
  • blogging
  • playing with a little puppy
  • Sorry games
  • a movie day with the cousins
  • fun at the park (pre-snow)
  • pinning recipes and school sites
  • answering e-mails
  • exercising
  • reading books with the kids
  • a major toothache.  Oh, I still have that.
  • cleaning off some "hot spots"
  • a date night with the hubby
  • eating pretend play dough food
  • Easter dress shopping with the girls
  • menu planning/grocery shopping
  • LOTS of cooking
  • responding to my jury duty notice
  • cleaning up the kitchen. Over and over and over
  • cleaning the cabinet under the kitchen sink
  • vacuuming dust bunnies
  • laundry
  • visiting my sister (and her kids)
  • texting friends
I know a lot of people had a much more exciting spring break than I did. I have seen the pictures and the updates on Facebook.

But I am not complaining.

Other than the yucky weather, I wouldn't change a thing about our spring break.

We enjoyed time as a family.

We got some organizing and spring cleaning done.

We rested.

We truly took a break.

Now it is back to school...let the last quarter whirlwind begin!


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