Saturday, March 9, 2013

Finally Friday (and Thankful Thursday)

It has been a humdinger of a week.

I will just leave it at that.

I have been emotionally drained much of the week which usually results in physically drained.

So my computer time has been limited.

But I do want to have a Thankful Thursday (though I am most thankful it is finally Friday :).

Even in the midst of the "yuck".

And there was a lot of that this week...

Yuck, I mean...

  • a night out with a good friend.  We literally shut the restaurant down.  After I practically licked my dishes clean, we talked and talked.  At one point, we realized how quiet it was in the restaurant.  We glanced at the clock.  Oops.  They had closed 25 minutes prior.  Oops!
  • conversations with the friend mentioned above who makes me feel more normal as a mom.
  • a deposit made on a beach house for a week this summer...can't wait!
  • Husband and child 2's safe trip to Little Rock
  • finding out a friend/former co-worker is coming for a visit next week.
  • a husband who encourages me when I am facing tough times
  • middle of the day lunch dates with my main man
  • a puppy curled up next to me in the mornings
  • Encouraging former parents (via Facebook)
  • my students from last year who still make me feel like a rock star every time they see me
  • a new apron (for school...they are a necessity when I have lunch duty)
  • beautiful sunsets
  • the warmer weather
  • Google which helped me find a recipe for something I needed
  • after school Zumba sessions with co-workers. Fun and healthy!
  • running errands without kids
  • that my computer hasn't fallen off my lap when I have fallen asleep at it (like I did yet again last night)
  • a mom who listens to me when I have an unexpected (and embarrassing) mommy breakdown on a rough day while we are on the phone
  • homemade pear sauce.  Not so much for me but my kids love it and it is so easy.  And even better, my food sensitive kid can eat it.
  • shakes and popcorn night (tonight!) which gives me a little cooking break
  • pillow talk with my honey.  Sometimes that is our only chance to really talk without the wee hours of the night when everyone else is asleep.
  • listening to the birds chirping when I wake up
  • Springing forward on our clocks. I don't like losing an hour of sleep but maybe it isn't the sleep I am losing. Maybe it is an hour of arguing children.  Or an hour of cleaning. :)  I LOVE the longer days...does wonders for my mood.
  • Teachers who love my kids in spite of themselves.
  • My students who truly make me smile even on inside recess days.
  • The parents of my students who support their children and me
  • My weight. I am sure I could lose a little more.  But overall, I am pleased with where I am, what I can eat right now (to maintain), and how I feel.
  • Finished blog entries :)
So, there it is.  A little late, a little long.  But from the heart.

What are you thankful for this week?


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  1. we are always on the same page. i am right there with you.
    did you book your beach house in nj? lol


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