Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I had a couple of people ask about the i-Touch. It is an i-Pod for music, video, etc. It has Internet capability IF you can remember your wireless Internet's password. For a long time I turned up my nose at having an mp3 player or an ipod...why on earth would you need music with you at all times? Aren't they just glorified Walkmans? But then I started realizing that I would enjoy exercising on my elliptical much more if I could listen to a select bunch of songs. And on trips, I could have a video to watch. I did a quick poll via Facebook and the i-Touch (which I had never heard of prior to that) was the overwhelming suggestion. I am still learning to use it. You should have seen me trying to figure out how to scroll down my list of songs. I kept pushing this button on the side which apparently was the volume. Finally, it hit me that I should try TOUCHing the screen. Um, yeah. I am technologically challenged. :) Oh, with my i-Touch, I got an i-Tunes card which is a gift certificate for the i-Tunes store to download songs. I love being able to choose just one song from an artist to buy (usually around 99 cents). I don't have a lot of songs yet, but what I do is quite a mix. A little country, a little rock, some Christian contemporary. Very fun. I hope to try out the video rental when we head to the beach...

Anyway, back to the title. If only that were my breakfast cereal sounds for the day...

Let me back up a little. I made dinner for a friend tonight. I enjoy doing it. It is something I can do. I am not saying I am a fabulous cook. But I actually do enjoy cooking and try to make something that will taste good for everyone. Much of the time, I am fairly normal. For some reason, anytime I cook for others (whether meal or just for a potluck), I get a bit OCD. I wash my hands more than enough times. I worry about each and every ingredient. The funny thing is for my own family, I don't go to near the extremes I do for this. I figure my family will be fine. I just don't want to be responsible for making anyone else sick. Anyway, I was in a frenzy by the time I left the house. On top of that, we had a few places to be tonight. Child 2 had gymnastics. I was going to visit a friend. And Child 1 had his baseball team end of the season party. So Mark took the big kids and I took the little ones.

Child 4 gets antsy as soon as he realizes we might be going somewhere. So as soon as I could, I got him buckled in the car. I ran back into the house for some things. As I dashed out the door, I hopped down the step in our garage. I don't know if it was this little toy yellow bowl that our son had played with and left at the base or if was the pile of unread papers by the door. My foot caught on something. And the snap, crackle, and pop is what I heard as I hit the ground. I started calling out for Mark but was feeling a bit hysterical. It is rare for me to have any injuries. The last time I really remember is in junior high when I decided to slide down a friends' roof on a mattress (the house was built INTO the ground)...I bounced off the mattress and landed on my ankle. Anyway, I am thankful Child 3 was not buckled into her seat belt. I called to her and asked her to get her daddy. He came out and all I could do was moan.

After a couple minutes, he helped me up. It hurt, but wasn't unbearable. I was determined to visit my friend, so I hopped in the car. I didn't realize how much you use your right foot for driving. It took me a few minutes to find a comfortable position (like using my whole foot to apply pressure to the accelerator rather than my toes). And I ended up using my left foot some for braking. I did find out that when faced with a possible emergency, my adrenalin was stronger than the pain. For whatever reason, at one point, I looked up (5 o'clock traffic) and saw the vehicle right in front of me veer off the road onto the shoulder. The vehicle in front of it was almost at a stop. So I slammed on my breaks.

I had a good time with my visit, though with the two little ones, life is a bit interesting. Then we ran over to the gym to pick up Child 2. I unfortunately was starting to hurt and wanted to go home but I needed a few things for the girls' family get-together. So instead of dealing with it tomorrow, we all headed to Hobby Lobby. At least I had a cart to lean on there. :) I did make a decision to forgo a trip to the bookstore. (When I inventoried last night I realized that I had more books for everyone other than Child 2...I have decided she can handle an IOU). When we got home, I threw together easy dinners for the kids, then finally propped my foot up with ice.

I just want to say that I do NOT see a future in medicine for our youngest. He kept playing with and removing my ice pack. He kept trying to touch my foot and climb on top of me. Empathy doesn't seem to be a strong characteristic for him...

I do not think anything is broken. I can walk on it, I just try not to. My left leg will get really strong from hopping around. :) It is a tad swollen and hurts, but I do think it is just a sprain. I am just a total wimp. I am sure by tomorrow I will be running marathons. Oh, wait. I couldn't do that before. :)

Okay, I better go for now. Tomorrow is a special day for someone and I have a lot to do, sore ankle or not. :)



  1. Ouch! Isn't that how it always happens - something goes wrong when you're running behind and have somewhere you NEED to be at a specific time?

  2. I am so sorry Reba. That stinks! I hope when you get up in the morning it feels much better. Bless your heart for still loading up and taking that meal to your friend, you have a heart of gold!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post?! I hope that you are doing much better now!


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