Saturday, June 13, 2009

37 and Counting...

Since it is my sweet husband's 37th birthday, I thought I would share 37 things about him that I love and appreciate (in no particular order)...

37. He has this thick, beautiful dark hair. I love to run my fingers through it. I see occasional gray streaks but they just look "distinguished".
36. His work ethic...Mark gives fully to his job (and oftentimes beyond).
35. His faith...he has this amazing faith in God and isn't afraid to share it. It is also unfaltering. During the adoptions, I was on a roller coaster ride. Not Mark. He never doubted God for a moment.
34. His commitment to marriage and family. We know that we are first place in his life (behind God of course).
33. His quick wit. We have a lot of fun "bantering"...keeps my mind young. :)
32. His playfulness. As soon as he comes home, the kids gather around to play, tumble, and wrestle. They love playing with Daddy; Mom is not nearly as fun :).
31. His strong arms, especially when they wrap around me.
30. The way he bursts into song. Oh, he is a terrible singer. Both of us are. But it is just fun to listen to (except when I am hearing "Silver and Gold" for the 50th time that day)
29. His when I have had a bad day and say "Let's have pizza tonight", he rarely argues that...
28. He can grill like nobody's to have bacon wrapped shrimp and flank steak straight from the grill.
27. Though I know he loves snow skiing/Colorado, he willingly goes to the beach with us every year.
26. He can look at any building and tell you what kind of lights they need to have. How many guys can do that? :)
25. His romantic the time he booked a bed and breakfast for our anniversary or the time he tried to read me a love letter on the intercom at school (he didn't get too far)
24. He is fun to be with. When we get away, just the two of us, we are like little kids. Our trip to San Francisco is still one of my favorite times we have had. I can think of nobody else I would like to ride a cable car with.
23. His domestic skills. I have mentioned before, Mark has a sink fettish. He wants it completely clean. He isn't afraid to empty the dishwasher or wash/fold clothes. He does them quite well.
22. His willingness to call. I don't like to call and order things, make reservations, etc. I will willingly do things online but I do NOT like to call. He doesn't question that (at least to my face); he just calls for me.
21. His servant's heart...he fills my car up almost all of the time, puts toothpaste on my toothbrush each night, etc.
20. He is an involved Dad. He shows up for conferences, watches sports and gymnastics practices, and takes the little ones to their "schools" in the mornings.
19. He is a great errand boy. He often stops by the store for little things we need so I don't have to brave it with the crew.
18. He gives perspective. When I am all in a tizzy about something, he can give me that calm, wait and see perspective that I sorely lack (at times).
17. His leadership...I appreciate his willingness to take charge whether with work or church or home.
16. He is a risk taker. Without his willingness to take risks, he would still be in his first job (from many years ago), we would still be living in a duplex, and I doubt we would have any children. :) He just didn't realize what a risk THAT was. :)
15. His humility. I appreciate that as wonderful as he is and how fortunate it is that he puts up with me, he can make it seem like HE is the lucky one!
14. His adventure...whether it is snorkeling with sharks, skiing down the slopes, or hopping in the car to head to the College World Series, he is ready for adventure. (Adoption being one of the biggest ones :)
13. His understanding. I do not like to watch movies that are scary or violent...pretty much limits my viewing to romantic comedies. But he saves those movies for times I am doing other things and isn't afraid to curl up and watch a chick flick with me. And without complaining I might add!
12. Keeping his hobbies in perspective. When we first met, Mark was an avid golfer and hunter. However, once we had kids, that slowed down. He doesn't get to do much hunting (more out of convenience where we live) but he does golf...usually for work during the week if he does. He doesn't want to sacrifice that time with family/kids. I appreciate that.
11. The way he smells (except maybe after his workout)
10. How he takes care of his "temple"...he is faithful about getting up to work out (well, most of the time) very early in the morning to start his day while I snooze away.
9. His commitment to prayer...he is not showy about it but he is faithful to pray.
8. He is my hero. Remember our house robbery that he came upon? His quick wit and patience kept him safe and stopped further damage/loss of belongings.
7. His deep belly laugh especially when we watch The Office together.
6. His tenderness with me (except for the recent Sprained Ankle Incident :).
5. His time. Often throughout the year he will pick up lunch and come dine with me at the school in the lounge (full of women) just so we can have some time together.
4. His care of of our house and our yard.
3. His understanding of boys...without his perpective, I would have sought therapy a long time ago over our sons! I do NOT understand them but am learning.
2. He is a good friend. (And he has a lot of them!) For me, he is my best friend.
1. After 12 1/2 years, he still makes my heart race when I catch a glimpse of him. I love you, Mark. Happy birthday!!!


  1. This is so wonderful, Reba. I praise God for the relationship He has given you! What an example for us newly-weds!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!! Reba that was so sweet! I remember the sink fetish... I think of you guys everytime mine is overloaded! LOL :-)

  3. Thanks Sweetheart!! I truly am the "lucky one"....and I think everyone knows it...

    I love you!



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