Sunday, June 21, 2009

To My Daddy...

I think by now you know that I appreciate Mark as a Daddy. And since I did a post on him last weekend, I will just say Happy Father's Day to him. For today I am going to dedicate this post to my own dad, "Grampops" as he is called by all of us these days.

Daddy, you are my living example of the Heavenly Father's love. When I read about how God is our Father, you come to mind. All of my life, you have shown me unconditional love. You have loved me for who I am and in spite of who I am. Whether I was winning an award or confessing to making a mistake, I never doubted your love for me. Even when we moved from Berryville to Ft. Smith when I was a teenager, and I was absolutely positive my life was ruined, directing all my anger (unfairly) to loved me.

You have always been a provider and an example of a strong work ethic for our family. I remember watching you study sitting on the floor of our house in Fayetteville. I remember doing cartwheels while waiting you to finish up your work so we could drive to our home "on the mountain". I also remember not hearing a word of complaint about your job. When you do a job, you do it to its fullest. Thank you for teaching me that.

I have always appreciated your quiet faith. I remember listening to gospel records years ago, the words soothing my soul even then. And it your faith in our God that has gotten me through some of the tougher times in my life like the losses of family members. Thank you for that foundation of faith.

Another thing I have always appreciated about you is your generosity. How many times did I drive back to college only to find a little cash tucked in my car? Or the times that you have come to help me when I called? Even now, I watch you give of not only your money (to buy special gifts) but your time to attend ballgames, provide fun things (like big swimming pools), and shower our kids with your love.

Finally (though the list could go on and on, I really need to sleep), I appreciate your sense of adventure. Even now I love to travel, and I really think that "bug" was planted by you! I remember planning and going to the World's Fair in Tennessee. And I have never forgotten that drive to Florida when the rains kept coming...thousands of frogs everywhere. Thank you for giving me the world as a child, the same world that I still love to explore.

Happy Father's Day, Grampops! We love you!
Reba (and family)

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