Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching Up...

Just catching up a bit...

The boys are home from the College World Series. I was afraid they might not come home since the Hogs are playing again today. But with Mark's new job and oldest son's sports camp, they didn't have much choice. That and the harried wife calling and asking, "When are you coming home???" :)

Speaking of harried, you know the saying, "Don't cry over spilled milk..." Well, I am not sure the same applies to strawberry shakes. Last night we had a popcorn, shake, and movie night, a favorite when Dad is gone. We had a gift card to a local custard place (thanks to a sweet former student), so we ran out for our shakes. When we came home, I put the youngest's shake on his high chair while I got the popcorn started. At some point, this child decided he couldn't wait. (He was not IN the chair yet) He picked it up and walked across the kitchen, unbeknownst to me. Suddenly I hear a cry (just as I am melting the butter)...he has tripped and the shake went down with him...everywhere. I wish I could say I immediately soothed him and reassured him I still loved him. Instead, I think my words were, "NO! What are you doing????" I have to say, I am grateful for Child 2. Without me having to ask, she was up on her feet, grabbing paper towels to clean it up. Sometimes her "take charge" attitude can be a bit overwhelming, but when the chips are down, she is not. She is always willing to jump in and help. I am truly learning to appreciate that about her!

I think my ankle is finally on the mend. On Saturday, I was beginning to wonder if it really would heal. It would feel okay then I would step just wrong and have to grit my teeth until the pain stopped. Then yesterday I didn't have to wrap it or anything...I even did aerobics last night! It was a little stiff but bearable. The one thing I cannot do is tuck my leg under me when I sit to eat which I apparently do a lot, or rather I USED to do. And no criss cross applesauce...

Oh, a quick Child 4 story...the other night I picked up Taco Bueno for the kids. I got him a cheese quesadilla and chips which I know he likes. We came home, and I put the food out. He immediately said, "French fry? French fry?" I didn't have ANY french fries. At first he had a minor tantrum but in the end he settled for chips and quesadilla. I guess next time I better make sure we come home with some fries...

It is going to be a busy week. The big kids have AAO camp in the afternoons and VBS at night. I THINK we are having our Panasonic installation this week, though I am waiting for confirmation on that. (I did find out the stuff is being delivered VERY soon) And I have a high school reunion (for the high school I didn't actually attend)...that means a night away with my sweet husband and reminiscing with friends from long ago. I have a feeling this week will fly by!

Comment Feedback:

I can get my e-mail by phone and that is how I hear a lot of the comments people leave on the is read to me by this computer voice. And lots of times I think a response in my head which does no good for the comment leaver. So here are just a few follow ups from recent comments...

The chores are going well. I have looked at several fun chore charts but the problem is that many of our chores are unique or not typical like taking out the recycles to the recycle all day chore. So for now I am having to type it up until I find another method. I will say the kids have done a good job and grumble very little (that could be the stern warning I gave about adding a chore if they did...) about it. Even more, I find them actually offering to help out more. And Valerie, I love the idea of Saturdays being a "Whatever I Ask" day. Child 2 thought that was so funny.

Yes, Catherine, we are heading to Swim Ranch at the end of July. I scheduled it during football/cheerleading week AGAIN. I don't know what I was thinking. Of course, signing up four kids already limited me. It is always fun to see who we will see out there. We usually know someone...

For the post "A Little Bit of L", yes, Katie O., the part that made me cry was the part about fearing thieves. Our daughter cried a lot the day we were robbed (probably because I did). However, she really doesn't talk about it much. I was worried she would have trouble sleeping but she hasn't. It may have helped that it was the middle of the day when it happened. However, once in a great while, these comments will slip into conversation and they hurt my heart. I hate for a second grader to have fears like that. They should be worrying about other things like whether their Webkinz has enough water or whether they will pass spelling. I do realize kids around the world that age fear much worse things. But as a mom, it just breaks my heart.

Angie, I would love to have another Guatemala group get together. I think it is so good for our little Guats to see there are others out there. :)

Oh, and I did finally see the True Life episode on MTV about adoption (or rather the whole thing rather than just segments)...cried through it all.

I think that is about it for now. If you ever want to leave a comment, it is easy to do. You just click on "leave comment" or whatever it says at the bottom, and leave a comment. You do not have to have a google account or anything; you can sign under "anonymous". It does help if you put your name at the end though or I will just sit and wonder all day long..."Who said that?" I don't even have you type in the funky words and letters. Thus far I haven't had any comment issues.

I better go. The little ones are down. I am trying REALLY hard to not take a nap so I can get some things done. It is hard when the house is this quiet...



  1. I've been really behind on my blog reading lately, but even further behind on comments.

    Glad to hear that your ankle is getting better.

    Sorry Joshua didn't get french fries and really sorry he spilled his milk shake. I'm going to have to try a milk shake and popcorn night sometime.

    If you are interested, there is a Guat Adoptive Families Event in August called Mo-Guate. It's at a resort in the Ozarks. We aren't able to attend this year since we are going to GAFE. Anyway, if you are interested, I have a link on my blog. I've talked to some who have gone and they say it's really a lot of fun.

  2. No, don't go to MO - in two years come up to NJ for the GAFE (guatemalan Adoptive families event) event. It seems to run every other year somewher ein North Jersey. :)


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