Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Conspiracy Theory

Okay, let's review the evidence...

Three weeks ago, a Thursday I believe, I stepped down my one and only step at my house in the garage and fell on a little yellow bowl left out by one of my dear children.

For about a week, I had a very tender, very puffy ankle that turned a mustard yellow color. Finally, I started feeling a bit better, though certain steps would send pain through my foot.

Then I realized how very close my reunion and the beach were, so I stepped up the exercise. I tried to stop if it hurt my ankle too much, but as long as I could, I did...

Now, fast forward to last night. I am at my parents' house celebrating my niece's birthday. I am standing in the kitchen while our youngest hangs off of me, very normal for us. He is "climbing" up my legs, when his foot accidentally kicks my ankle...not hard but apparently my ankle is sensitive these days. For a short bit (which seemed REALLY long at the time), my whole foot went numb. It just felt tingly. Then I felt pain again and watched as my ankle puffed back up, just like a puffer fish. As soon as I got home, I dug out the ankle brace I was sure I was done with.

So then today, we get home. (I had a workshop today so kids got to play with Grams who must be VERY tired right now) I put some milk in the fridge, then went back for child 4. As I got him out of the car (which is not really a car but a minivan), I step back to shut the door. Unbeknownst to me (that is a fun word to say), the big kids had just moved a box behind me. Thankfully I didn't go down or anything, but unfortunately for me, the balancing act was a little painful.

Then tonight, Child 4 (again) was playing "baseball" (which means I throw a ball to him as he crouches down with his glove, he misses the ball, then laughs hysterically as he takes off running "around the bases" or wherever he can run). He came over to my chair and started to climb up. He bumped that darn ankle again. I feel like I have an exposed nerve or something...strange tingling. It is like a funny bone in my ankle, but not at all funny.

I know, I know, I am a baby. But you have to admit, I have enough evidence to yield a guilty plea...my kids are out to get me!

PS I am WAY behind on pictures and events. But for now, I must get some sleep. More tomorrow...


  1. So, at the beach, you should get one of those reclining chairs, and an umbrella and just have Mark refill your Mtn. Dew every now and then. Your new camera has a good enough zoom that you can snap all of the pictures you want from your comfy spot.

  2. Are you going to get it checked out just in case before you go? I hope your vacation doesn't involve very much walking!
    By the way, how was your reunion?

  3. :) you make me laugh! (not laughing at the hurt ankle--laughing at your take on it!!) I feel like there is a conspiracy theory around me and my exercise/weight loss plan too, but mine invloves food.. everywhere I turn there is food or someone wanting to go get some food!! ugh, i feel your pain girl! well, maybe not as severely as you are feeling it in the ankle, but I feel FOR ya!! Hang in there! You might aught to listen to Alisha and go have it checked out, just to be safe!! Hoping for healing soon!!

  4. Poor thing!!!

    Thanks for thinking of me with the whole metro thing. We actually have started writing the metro more often b/c the boys love to "ride the train".
    Oh, and it looked in the picture that you got your dad a mouse pad for father's day. did you?


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