Saturday, April 9, 2011

God's Masterpiece

One of my favorite times of day is sunset.

About a year ago I started making a point to check out the sunset when possible. It rarely fails to take away my breath. What beauty! What glorious colors! What a masterpiece God creates each night.

The photos rarely do them justice. But I take them anyway. I have even considered a blog dedicated to sunset photos, but I am pretty sure nobody would be visiting that (not that it has stopped me from starting the others :). So for now, I just dedicate a part of my photo album on my computer to sunsets...

Here are a few.

A December sunset. I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy lady always stepping out onto the front porch to take a picture. Our house is in a great spot though. We live enough on a hill that I get a great view of the sunset each evening.
A February sunset
A March sunset
Tonight's sunset
A few minutes later...

I have plenty to blog about but I just felt the urge to share this for tonight. The color were once again brilliant. And once again, it took my breath away.

He is quite an artist, isn't He?

PS If you haven't done it lately, step outside one evening as the sun is setting. Just take in the view. I can promise that you will walk away with a little more spring in your step, a little more peace in your heart. Try it. :)


  1. these are beautiful. God is an awesome artist! I grew up out in the country with large pine trees all around so getting a good view of sunset wasnt always easy, BUT, my grandmother shared your love of sunsets and would often load us up in her van and drive us out to the 4 lane highway where we could see it in full view! I have fond memories of that with her. Even now, my mom and I will text each other a picture of a beautiful sunset from wherever we are.
    Thanks for sharing these and for reminding me of these memories! :)


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