Friday, April 8, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Life

It has been a week.

We had some highs this week. For the most part, the kids all had good weeks.

My school found out that they won the National Geographic "Find Your Footprint" contest. We had a big day of celebration when the National Geographic people flew into town to announce us.

We survived testing week. Woohoo!

But there have been some lows. Or at least some downs.

Like a federal government shutdown looming overhead (that maybe, just maybe has been solved now). I realize that some may welcome that, citing extravagant government spending, but we are talking about innocent people caught in the crossfire of brother in law being one of them!

Allergies are in high gear.

One of my co-workers battling cancer did not have a good week. Please pray for Mrs. P. I am praying for wisdom for the doctors and strength for her family.

Seems lie we are having a high then a low pops into the picture.

I do wish sometimes they could all be highs.

Yet I know I wouldn't truly appreciate the highs without the view from the lows.

And that those lows are part of life.

Makes me long for heaven one day...

More soon,


  1. I heard about Mrs.P my prayers go out to her and her family. I've had a rough week my little one has been sick and we have tried and done everything we can to prevent a hospital stay. He seems like we r having UPS and downs to. He seemed btr and now he seems a little more sick. I ready to get bak to normal. This has been a rough week.

  2. Very true, Reba.

    Give praise in good and in bad. Reminds me of Job.

    Thanks again for another lovely post.

  3. I saw your school on the news! So exciting!


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