Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautiful

So much to post, so very little time this week. It seems like we are going, going, going all of the time. But sometimes I am reminded that I need to slow down and enjoy this world God made. Here are just a few things I have enjoyed recently:
  • Yesterday morning I looked outside as I was getting #4 up. I saw a baby bunny hop by my front steps. I chuckled to myself when a squirrel ran up our front steps and just stood by our door. Meanwhile, the birds building the nest were going crazy with the intruders so close. I felt like I was in Animal Kingdom which is rare around here. It was just so sweet (and funny).
  • Sunsets. I always try to make a point to watch the sunset even if just for a minute. I just love the colors, the clouds, the beauty God paints across the sky.
  • Yesterday for lunch I was at a workshop so we went out to eat. I had a grilled chicken and almond salad with sliced avocado and this delicious Parmesan dressing. It was not only delicious, it was one of the most beautiful salads I have ever seen. It was truly a work of art!
  • The nest the birds have built yet again in the corner of our front porch. Those noisy things make a huge mess but we have enjoyed watching each day as they added on a little more to it. I imagine we will have babies soon.
  • The sunshine. After receiving a whole lot of rain, the sunshine has been a beautiful sight.
  • Last week my class visited a little zoo/safari in our area. As we were crossing a little bridge or visiting an animal (can't remember which), we saw a beautiful full blown spider web.
  • The sweet faces of my children. They may drive me crazy at times but I love those faces. (Hubby too :)
  • The picture of heaven I read about in Heaven is for Real. Warmed my heart.
  • The green color everywhere. One of the positives of all of the rain we have received. The world just looks so alive right now.
  • A sweet mom landscaped around our school sign this past weekend. The flowers are beautiful.
I better stop for now. I really need to take more time to find more...there is beauty all around us even in this fallen world we live in.

What beauty have you seen recently?


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