Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the Go, Go, Go

Some days are just busier than others.

They are all busy.

It is just some are busier.

Today was one of those.

Usually I have faculty meetings on Wednesdays, so Mark picks up the kids.

But today he was in meetings. And thankfully I didn't have a meeting after all.

So after school, we took off.

Delivered child 2 to her gymnastics class right away.

Ran to get child 4.

Ran home to work on some laundry, fill the dishwasher to wash dishes since the sink was already filling up.

Changed my clothes.

We all hopped back in the van.

Headed to pick up child 2.

I noticed that apparently I did get a crack the other day during our crazy hailstorm. Oops.

Picked up child 2.

Stopped at the track at my school. Mark got there about the same time. He was going to take the kids. But on a whim, and I am so glad he does that sometimes, we just let the kids play while he walked with me.

I cannot explain what a treat that was. 30 minutes of fairly uninterrupted conversation. Do you know how rare that is???

Mark then took two kids with him (child 1 was hanging with my parents). I went on to the grocery store with child 3 in tow.

Have I ever mentioned how much that girl can talk?

It is amazing since she was a bit of a late talker.

I think she is making up for it now!

The trip took longer than I thought it would. It always does.

We did practice spelling words in the car.

When we got home, child 3 ran the beef into Mark to shape into patties (since it was now PAST our dinnertime). I brought in the rest of the groceries.

We had dinner (grilled hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes courtesy of child 2...she calls this meal "Marky Rockets" after the restaurant "Johnny Rockets". ).

Got child 4 showered and ready for bed. Trust me, it took a whole lot longer than it sounds.

Got child 3 showered and ready for bed.

Got child 2 off to bed.

Got child 1 off to bed.

Then I ran out to another store to pick up some pictures I had processed. I also needed to pick up some teacher appreciation gifts. Of course, one thing I needed wasn't there. Nor at the next place I stopped. Thankfully the third was the charm...

Got home and started cooking a meal (a teacher appreciation gift).

Refilled the dishwasher again.

Got teacher gifts put together and ready to pack in the morning.

Finally settled in to check e-mails, work on blogs, etc.

I think my go, go, go is gone at this point. :)

More later,


  1. I feel your pain. I feel like I should have a taxi light on the roof! I LOL at your Joshua showering comment...funny how a simple task is never simple :)

  2. i know exactly how you feel... this time of year is just so stinkin busy at school! and in life...! hang in there, summer is in sight!! :)


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