Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mommy's Time Out

As I mentioned yesterday, life is a bit swamped right now. I literally take hour by hour. People ask me how many days until school is out, and I give them a blank stare. I can't count days or even think that far ahead. There is too much to do now!

So today is Stay at Home Day. We have always called it that, though in recent years, we rarely actually stay at home. I was thinking about hiking from the moment I woke up. I knew it was supposed to be cooler but not wet (like it was yesterday). However, I also knew we had a whole bunch of stuff to do, and hiking would throw off all of that. A lot of times I think, "Ahhh, it can wait." But with schedules being so busy, it couldn't wait. So we stayed at home.

Pretty much all morning long, we were not very productive people. I wish I could conjure up a list of things we did that was productive. But we really weren't. In fact, I didn't even make breakfast. The two oldest wanted to for the younger two (frozen waffles :), and then Lauren insisted on making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

And part of me feels lazy saying that.

But sometimes it is needed.

Sometimes we go, go, go, and I just need to not go.

To further add to my non-productiveness, I made the error of picking up a book. I LOVE to read. I used to read all of the time. Then when I started having children, I stopped. Or rather cut back drastically. I read magazines a lot because I can pick them up and put them down. I can't do that with books. Really. Once I start, if I am interested in it, I don't put it down. So I save books for vacations, when I am riding in the car or have time at the beach while the kids play. But for today, the temptation was too much. I kept reading on Facebook that Heaven is for Real was a good book. And it just so happens I had bought it last week so I could have something to read this summer. But I couldn't wait for summer. So I picked it up.

Big mistake.

For the next two hours or so, I was useless.

It was a good book though. :)

The end of the day was a bit more productive...a trip to the grocery store, dinner, a little laundry, dishes, oh, and my 1200 tulips are now home in my garage (until I figure out where they will go).

And lots of disciplining/correcting children. One of them is enjoying pushing my buttons right now.

And the dreaded exercise time. Blech.

But for just a while today, I enjoyed my own little Mommy Time Out.

I highly recommend it if you haven't done it lately!


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