Sunday, May 1, 2011


When we drove into Branson the other day,the bridge (dam) over Table Rock Lake was only open to one lane of traffic. It was a busy traffic time, so we did a lot of sitting and waiting because only a few cars went over at a time. While we were waiting, we kept seeing people peer over the dam. It seemed a bit odd to me...we couldn't see anything out of the ordinary other than that both the lake and the river were higher than normal. But that was about it.

So fast forward to today. I was supposed to be at the Women of Joy conference for the last speaker who I am sure was spectacular. But since we were all there with one vehicle, I decided to not go. It didn't seem fair to leave Mark with four kids and the check out at the condo with time to kill. He would have done it but I didn't want him to have to.

Anyway, we just had a morning of leisure. We slept in a little, ate breakfast, and packed up. Finally we headed down the road for home.

As we were driving, we saw a man standing out in the rain taking pictures. We both looked at each other and said, "What on earth is he taking pictures of?" Then Mark said, "Oh! That is what he is taking pictures of!" It is amazing we didn't drive off the road in surprise. Now we could see the whole picture. Note the gray sky. It rained much of the day today.


That was all I could say.


We saw a road that went up behind the dam and decided to take a little detour. (We and many others) The kids wanted a closer look...
Child 2 took this picture for us.
Then Mark did the whole stretch the arm thing out and snap a photo...
The boys checked out the river. We don't see "whitecaps" on rivers often...

It was an amazing sight.

Scary but amazing.

I know that the speaker today was probably very good.

But sometimes I am thankful for unexpected detours.

Had I gone to the conference, I would have missed this completely. We would have taken a different route. And my children would have missed out on this "waterfall" as well as learning about how water travels, the devastation it can bring, the power of it.

May you have some unexpected detours in life this week.


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